Monday, August 22, 2011

My Love. My husband. My Marine

I am so proud to be Tyler's wife! Please read this amazing article.

DVIDS - News - Washington Native prepares Marines for future

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Watch this and you can be the judge if this little peanut is trying to wave at me! Don't mind my high pitched voice! I was just very excited because she did this a couple times before I started to video and then did it during the video!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First day of school!!

My little Lily had her first day of Kindergarten on Thursday the 4th of August. I cannot believe that my little Lily is in big girl school! She is technically in Jr. Kindergarten because of the age cut off. In Hawaii They have Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten. They have the same curriculum and at her school they mix the classes up with jr kindergarten and kindergarten students.
I am so happy for Lily! She was super excited for her first day of school! Tyler actually got to Skype us that morning which was amazing! It was so special that even though he is thousands of miles away he got to be a part of Lily's extra special first day of Kindergarten.
I got that tingly feeling in my nose and my eyes started to get a little watery when I walked away from dropping Lily off but no meltdowns, form either of us! Lily did great! I am such a proud mama!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Because

This sweet husband of mine made me smile all the way from Afghanistan! Just because.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 months down

We are 3 months down and almost halfway through this deployment!! WOHOO! That is something to be very proud and happy about! We all have our days and some days go by fast and others are slow.
Now sometimes it may seem like I have a super glamorous life( haha) but just like everyone else in this world we all have our flaws.
For the most part I think we are all handling this deployment very well. I have been staying very busy with running around with the girls, meeting and hanging out with friends, park dates with my little loveys and all that the night time routine entails. Dinner time, bath time and getting ready for bed takes up a nice chunk and makes the evenings go by fast. Sometimes I am very impressed with my skills.
I have made some amazing girl friends since Tyler has deployed. I am so glad that I have such great girls who not only help keep us busy but are here to help whenever we need it. My little girls keep me very busy. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. I have said it before but they are the best deployment buddies I could of ever hoped for! They play with each other, make me and each other laugh and I am so thankful I have them to help my days go by.
Now onto some things that I don't love:
Of course missing Tyler
I yell more then I would like to sometimes.
Getting overly frustrated with silly things.
Going to the store to get just one thing with all 3 girls. (even if the girls act fine it's somewhat like a production to leave the house)
Being able to have Tyler watch the girls while I go and do things. Now if you know me you know that I don't love leaving the girls. So for the most part I only leave them if I have to. I don't find relief if I go out for a girls night with out any kids while Tyler is gone. I would much rather have dinner at home with a girl friend.
I do however find relief in going to get my hair done which I did do yesterday! Thank you to my great friend Brooke for watching the girls!(Also, Brookie is back in HI after a visit to CA and I must say it is very nice to have one of my great friends back)
Lily's random meltdowns and not listening. For example: She is so picky with her clothes already. If she doesn't want to wear what I want her to wear it's like world war 3 in this house. For the most part I am saying: " Lily take that off, you have 2 shirts over a dress, unmatching socks, 2 headbands and some silly shoes." I let her wear it around the house of course since she thinks she looks fabulous but when it's time to go out in public we have to fix the outfit up a little.
Also I think she has having a little trouble with Tyler being gone. Just a couple examples. I was brushing her long locks after bath time(which she hates anyways b/c she has a super sensitive head) and I got a tangle and she yelled at me and said "MY DADDY DOES IT BETTER THEN YOU." Or when we were headed to a birthday party at our friends house on the other side on the island, part of the highway was closed so we had to take a different route and I got lost. Lily had woken up from a random nap in the car and started crying because we weren't at the party yet. I told her that I had gotten a little lost and we would be at the party soon. She then told me that if her daddy was here he knew how to get there. Or her getting scared as VBS when they were talking about Roman soldiers and she had a complete meltdown because she forgot they were acting and it wasn't real. Also when VBS was over she was so upset telling me she would miss all of her friends and teachers.
For the most part I just think Lily is totally fine with Tyler being gone. Minus the random times she gets a little sad and tells me she misses her daddy :(. Sometimes I feel like since I am her main source to whatever she needs when Tyler is here or not I will do just fine. I think most of it is a control/pride thing on my part since at times I feel like I can do anything, especially with Tyler being deployed. I think I am finally realizing that Lily isn't so little anymore and that this deployment might effect her more than I think. Although she is little she isn't a baby or a toddler anymore. So with that being said,
They have so many wonderful resources for Military families and here is one of them.
I met with them on Friday morning and will meet again next week and keep the process going!

Even though we have some not so great and crazy days, at the end of the day I have 3 beautiful little girls, a great supportive husband and a pretty dang good life! I am so incredibly happy and thankful I have them. I am so proud of all of us so far!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We are pretty cool!

This is what my ladies nights are like!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Can you tell they are related?