Friday, December 31, 2010

5 years!

Tyler and I's 5 year wedding anniversary was on the 27th of December! I seriously cannot believe that 5 years ago we were at the Clark County Court House getting married!
We have come so far and have been through so much together in these 5 years!
Who would of thought that a couple of crazy in love 18 year olds would end up where we are now! My husband is an amazing Marine that continues to do great and provide for this family! I am so thankful for him! We have two beautiful little girls and are waiting for our third little princess to make her special appearance and we couldn't be more excited!
I am one lucky Ledbetter lady!
Since Tyler totally out did himself with my Christmas/Anniversary present this year we decided that we didn't really want to do much on our anniversary but hang out and relax with the people we loved the most! Each other and our crazy little girls! So we stayed in, got comfy clothes on and chowed down on some good old pizza hut!
A great ending to a great 5 year anniversary if I say so myself!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleaning randomness has come!

I got a major burst of energy this evening!

Things I have cleaned today:
The filter for my wash machine
Underneath the wash machine
The whole pantry
Refrigerator and freezer
Every cabinet in the kitchen

I wonder what other randomness I will clean tomorrow!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas because we sure did! It was a bittersweet holiday season this year since we have never been by ourselves for Christmas. I do have to say though that even though we were a little sad we wouldn't be home for this Christmas, we were pretty excited to have our own Christmas this year and to see how it would all turn out! I think we would of gone home for the holidays but since I am a little over 36 weeks pregnant(which by the way I need to blog about my pregnancy soon! It is seriously flying by so fast!) it's not really recommended to fly this far along so it was a no go for us.
The closer it was getting to Christmas day the more excited we got! I think we went a little overboard with presents for the girls but you know what!? They deserve it and I love watching them get so happy!
Tyler and I got to spend Christmas Eve with some awesome friends yesterday which was great and then we came home, gave the girls a bath, put on their Christmas jammies and let them open up one present before bed like our parents use to let us do! After I put Lydia to bed we set out cookies and milk for Santa. The reason why we only let Lily do this is b/c I don't really think my chunky child would of understood why we were leaving cookies out and why she didn't get any. You cannot let that baby girl see cookies or she will flip! She is a fatty at heart just like her momma! After we set the cookies and milk out I read Lily's Christmas books to her and tucked her cute butt into bed!
When we knew she was asleep "Santa" came and filled the stockings and set out their presents! I thought it looked perfect and Tyler and I were so excited for it to be morning so we could see the girls reactions!
I was anxious for the morning to come and I actually woke up at 5, 5:45, 6 and then miss Lydia came pitter pattering in our room to get us up at 6:45. The first thing Tyler says is "can I go and wake Lily up!?" UMMM of course!! So Tyler went and woke Lily up! Ok so wait just a second! I just had a flash back for whatever reason lol. I remember Tyler calling when he was in Iraq for Christmas and waking us up! He couldn't believe we wern't up and opening presents! He made us get up and put the phone on speaker so he could wake Lily up on Christmas morning! Isn't that sweet!? Even when he was gone he still wanted to go and wake up Lily! Well Lily didn't wake up so sweet that morning haha. But this morning she woke up with a big smile on her face! Tyler said "Lily Santa came" and she said "yeah but you didn't see him because he is shy." Such a silly girl! She kept asking me last night when I was putting her to bed if when Santa came to bring presents if he was going to say HO HO HO!
When we came downstairs Lily ran to the tree and Lydia followed behind her. I think Lydia was a little confused as to what was going on but she figured it out pretty quick. We took the stockings down for everyone and once Lydia grabbed a few of her animal figurines out and sat on her new monkey bean bag she seemed content and didn't really care that there were any presents to open. Lily on the other hand was a machine! She opened up her presents so fast! She was getting so excited at everything and even screamed a few times at the presents she got! I was surprised at how good Lydia did with the unwrapping though. She started to get lazy towards the end and would say "UH OH" and have Tyler open them a little bit for her so it was easier for her to rip them open. She did most of this while sitting on her monkey bean bag lol. By the way Lydia is obsessed with Monkeys for whatever reason and she got lots of animal and monkey stuff!
The girls were so much fun this morning! Lily was her normal Lily self and I knew she would be so excited about everything! I loved all her comments about the presents she got and loved watching her rip them open! Christmas mornings seem to be so much more fun when you have kids! It seriously warmed my happy little heart watching them this morning! Lily and Lydia got completely spoiled and now have so many toys we are going to Target tomorrow to buy a couple cute storage bins/toy baskets for everything!
It was so amazing to see how happy the girls got opening up their gifts from us and everyone else! Our families totally out did themselves and we are so thankful for everything we all got! SO SO thankful! I just looked at everything and then looked at Tyler and I said there is so much stuff I am kind of overwhelmed haha. We are one lucky little family! I cannot wait until next year when we have 3 girls! My sweet baby girl in my belly even got a cute little pair of booties from Omi that I hung up on the tree!
I love my family and I am so lucky to have you all in my life!

Sgt. Claus and little black box!

My awesome husband was an even sneakier husband this year! Since there really wasn't much that I wanted this Christmas I told Tyler that I wanted a pair of shoes, to get my hair done and to get a pedicure. I got my glitter TOMS which are super cute and I am getting my hair and toes done next week! (I want to make sure and get my hair done before the baby comes so I don't feel frumpy with ugly roots after I have the baby and I want pretty toes when I go into labor) Yes I know that is silly but it's just one more thing to do before the baby gets here and it will make me feel good!
I wasn't really expecting any presents under the tree from Tyler besides my TOMS and that was totally ok with me! Well last night I found out that I was getting one more present under the tree. I thought Tyler was trying to be sneaky and snoop to try to see one of his presents so I got on him and asked him what he was doing. He was trying to move fast with a smile on his face so I thought for sure he was snooping! My attitude got a little worse with him(I blame it on the pregnant hormones lol) and asked him again what he was doing. He walks up to me and says you really want to know what I was doing? He then pulls out a small wrapped box that was hidden in his pants. I of course have no idea what he could of got me. I didn't ask to much about it though because I didn't want to ruin it for myself.
So this morning after we let the girls open up their presents(I am going to do a little blog about them next) I opened up my last little present that was marked to: Lindsey from: Sgt Claus. So cute huh!?
I opened it up and though maybe it was earrings because I didn't really know what else he would of gotten me that would fit in a small box like that. When I opened it up I was totally shocked! Tyler got me a beautiful full carat diamond for my ring!! It is so beautiful and I totally cried a little! First I couldn't believe that he got it for me! We had talked about at some point eventually getting my a bigger diamond but I in no way would of ever thought now! Second I wondered how the heck he pulled this off!! I seriously could not believe that he actually got that for me! I still kind of cant haha!
I will let you know how he pulled this off! Which by the way he did a great job at since he isn't that good at keeping secrets!
This is how it went down:
Tyler called his dad and told him that he wanted to get me a bigger diamond for my ring and was seeing if there was any way he could help him out so I wouldn't have any idea about it. Being the sweet man my father in law is he of course helped him out! They called this operation carat! Totally cute right!? My father in law went on the hunt for the perfect one and with the final say from Nana Connie they found the perfect one! They sent it to Tyler and I actually signed for the package when it got delivered. Thankfully I didn't open the box for whatever reason. I didn't have any suspicion that it was something like that for me though. I called Tyler and let him know that he got a package and he said "oh good! The knife that my dad got for Manny came"(Manny is Tyler's good friend from work). Tyler, his dad and brother all have the same pocket knife and he made me think that his dad just ordered one for Manny too. I of course believed this. Tyler also asked me what size my finger was b/c Manny was thinking about getting his girlfriend a ring and wanted to see what size my fingers were since she has small hands too. I still had no idea. Now thinking back it makes sense but at the time I had no clue.
I seriously cannot get over that he actually got me a new, beautiful, sparkly, bigger diamond! It is so beautiful and I cannot wait to get it set in my ring! With the help of my in laws for finding the perfect diamond and Tyler's sneaky behavior I got one of the best presents ever!! I am so thankful for my amazing husband! He was so sweet to think of doing this for me and it makes me feel so special hearing him say that I really deserve it! He said that with everything we have been through he wanted me to have this!
This amazing present is not only for Christmas but for our anniversary. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is on Monday the 27th! I have to say, this was one amazing Christmas and anniversary present! Thank you my love!! You are a great husband, daddy and provider for this family!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade from the Heart!

So I pretty much have the bestest best friend ever and her mom is just awesome!
I got my other package today from them and lets just say I was SO excited to get it and I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!
While we were home in August I wanted to make sure and hit up the fabric store with Roxanne and Marilynn so we could pick out some fabric for a crib blanket which turned into finding fabric for a regular baby blanket, crib blanket and pillow cases for Lydia. It was so much fun going shopping for fabric! We literally closed the place down! I am so happy we all got to go together. It helped a lot to have Roxanne and Marilynn with me to give their honest opinion about weather or not some of the fabrics went with the other ones and which ones looked best. I remember telling Roxanne and her mom that I wanted people to look at the blanket and totally want it. Plus I love it even more because I picked out that fabric. Some people may not like my fabric choices but I LOVE them and thats all that matters. I wanted this little baby to have funky bright colors so I could do lots of different things in her room! I cannot get over how cute it all turned out!
Marilynn does an awesome job at sewing and I am so thankful that she was willing to do this for me! I love how everything came together!
Oh and Roxanne decided since there was a lot of left over fabric that she would sew some of it on burp rags for me and they are so dang cute!! I will gladly wipe up the spit up with them b/c I love them that much haha. They are the cutest things ever!
Each new baby thing I get makes it all so real that I am really going to have another little girl soon!
Here are some picture of my awesome stuff that I am in love with! Did I say how much I love it!?!?

Super cute burp rags!
Pillow cases!
Front of baby blanket
Back of baby blanket!
Last but definitely not least! The cutest crib blanket!

These pictures don't do all of these beautiful baby things justice! They are even cuter and cuddlier in person!

Thanks again Roxanne and Marilynn for helping me and making this awesome stuff for us! I love you guys and I am one lucky girl to have such special people in my life!

Emotional much!?

So I know I am pregnant and I am entitled to have my over emotional days but lately I have been emotional about the silliest things!
First one was when I was 5 minutes late to my Dr. Apt. Yes I was 5 minutes late but they have NO good parking and I have to park on a hill and the trek down it with the stroller. I have to say I can make record time though! Either way, yes I was 5 minutes late but when I got there I gave her my ID and then she got up to do something which I wasn't sure what but then was gone for almost 10 minutes. Another women comes up to the window and said oh she is checking to see if the doctor can still see you since your apt is only set for 15 min and you were late. I said so b/c I was only a few min late and I have been waiting here for 10 min they are still waiting to see if I an get seen? I just figured if she would of checked me in right when I got there then it would of been fine. Anyways long story short they said that he could still see me but instead it was going to be for 30 minutes later. I of course said I would take it but for whatever reason I was so flustered and went to the bathroom and cried a little. Kind of pathetic huh!? I pulled myself together and waited to get seen and everything was fine. If it would of been my normal provider I think I would of felt more comfortable b/c I love her but she was out for whatever reason and I had to see this random guy who was a little awkward. I am just glad that I will get to see my normal provider at my next appt b/c like I said I love her.
So my other emotional pregnant day: Tyler and I decided pizza was a great idea on Friday night so thats what we ordered. I like to order it and go pick it up since it is close and faster. So we call in and I wait about 5-10 and then head to pizza hut. I sit and sit and sit and sit and when people continue to get their pizza and I don't I look at the lady and I am sure she was catching my drift by my annoyed look and I asked her if she knew about my pizza. She went back to check then I wait for a few more minutes and then some more minutes go by and I finally get my pizza. Instead of waiting there a few min like I thought I would it turned into 30-40 min. I totally wanted to cry after waiting at pizza hut but I held it together b/c I really didn't want to be the pregnant girl in pizza hut crying lol. Now if any of you know me well enough you know I LOVE my food. And I also had a sad experience with pizza when I was pregnant with Lily. I ordered pizza and jojo's from smokeys (the best pizza place from back home) and they said it would be an hour which I was ok with but then they took and hour and a half and I was so hungry waiting for it, I cried. I was so upset that my pizza took a long time that I totally cried. Yes overly emotion hungry pregnant women right here!
Then today: I put Lydia down for a little later of a nap then I would of liked but I figured she was pretty tired from our busy morning of running around and we even took her to the park. She got up a few times out of bed which I can usually expect at nap time since she thinks she is going to miss out on something. Night time she is great but nap time sometimes she will get up anywhere from 2 times and other days it will be 10! Well today I can't even count how many times she got up and I was getting so frustrated. I kept grabbing her and putting her back in her bed telling her to go night night and then after a while just putting her right back in her bed with out talking to her at all. It was kind of draining because she thought it was funny every time she heard me coming I could hear her little feet pitter patter and she would climb back in her bed with a smile on her face and a giggle out of her mouth. Now yes thinking about it know it makes me want to smile but at that point in time it wasn't so funny. After her getting up multiple times I decided to sit in her room on the floor and see if that would help...but it didn't. She kept talking to herself and making noises. I decided that me sitting in her room was not helping so I left the room. After the some odd teenth time I raised my voice, told her no no night night time and grabbed her and put her right back in her bed. I left the room again and I felt bad and was totally feeling like a bad mom and thought to myself, I hope that she doesn't do this when the baby comes and I just really want her to take a nap! I then proceded to have a meltdown at the top of the stairs. I prayed for patience and that she would go to sleep. I let myself calm down and then I went in her room, grabbed her and layed with her in her new twin bed we have in her room now and she was out in less then 5 min. I don't know if she just wanted mommy time or if she wanted to lay in her big girl bed but either way I was so glad that she took a nap and that I could just sit and take a deep breath knowing she was sleeping.
My emotionalness hasn't been terrible this pregnancy but I have my days and thought I should blog about them. I am so glad that I can laugh about them later and sit here and think all though I may have my emotional days I have an awesome life with an awesome family and I cannot wait to add another little girl to our family!

I took this picture a few months back but I thought it was fitting for this blog!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going to think positive!

I am proud of myself for only gaining 1 pound in 4 weeks! Not sure how I did it but I am glad! I am 1 pound away from hitting the 20 pound mark and I hope I only gain 24 like I did with Lydia. I seem to be doing pretty good which I am excited about! I guess since I gained so much with Lily(65 pounds) and did so good with Lydia I am hoping to do just as good this time around!
If I think about it, even if I do gain 1 pound per week until this little princess comes I will be ok.
Just so you all know I WILL be having this baby a little early. Yes, some people say oh what if you don't and blah blah blah. Well that is just not going to happen.
Tyler was deployed and gone for both of the girls births and I don't want him gone for this baby. He is suppose to leave for a month long training on the 12th and I am due on the 2oth. So I am going to have a nice little chat with my awesome provider I have been seeing and see if they can do something to help me out. I had Lily 5 days early and Lydia 11 days early so I am hoping that this little girl is just like her sisters and comes a little early. I got my membranes stripped with Lydia and was admitted to the hospital that night so I am hoping that something like that happens this time. I know that every pregnancy is different though.
I know this may sound silly but I just have a good feeling that everything is going to work out just perfect.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree!

Here are some pictures of us putting up the Christmas tree and the finished product! It was pretty exciting figuring out what and how we were going to decorate it this year since this is our first Christmas alone and we had to buy everything and do it ourselves!
I really like how it turned out! We are still waiting for some last min ornaments from my in laws since we had left some at their house that we had gotten over the years. So I am excited for it to be all complete!
I especially like our red, white, and blue lights! I thought it was a fun patriotic touch! Tyler said he will put the lights up on the house today which I am very excited about!!
I want to make sure and always have a good decorated house around Christmas time for the girls!
This Christmas is bittersweet! We are really excited to have our first Christmas by ourselves but also sad b/c we will be away from family. We probably would of went home this year but since I will be almost 37 weeks the week of Christmas I am not safe to fly lol.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick thought for the night!

Quick thought: Don't you just love the part of pregnancy when you sneeze and you piddle on yourself just a little bit?
I say thank goodness for panty liners!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Over a year!

Just wanted to take a second and say how thankful I am that Tyler has actually hit the year mark of being home from Afghanistan! Out of his 5 years in the Marine Corps the longest Tyler has been home between deployments was first 9 months then 11 months. So I am very happy to say that we have hit the over the year mark! Yay for actually having my husband home for over a year!

This picture was taken last November when Tyler returned home from Afghanistan and met Lydia for the first time! Our family became complete!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Veterans! I am so thankful we have special people in this world who have served and continue to serve our country!
5 years ago today Tyler graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp! He was one of the lucky few that received his EGA on the actual Marine Corps Birthday and graduated on Veterans Day! I am so proud of all of Tyler's accomplishments and his continued selflessness to serve and protect his country! He has been such an amazing provider for this family. I never would of thought that by this time we would have gone through a MEU, 2 combat deployments(one to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan), have 2 beautiful girls with another on the way and be living in Hawaii. We have been through so much and I am so thankful I have such an amazing family to experience all these things with!

This picture of Tyler and I was taken on Family day at MCRD on the day he received his EGA. November 10th 2005.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Name Game

So a lot of people have asked me if we have a name picked out or if I am going to go with another L name. I figured I mine as well just blog about it.
We do have a few names in mind and are always open to other names but as for a for sure set name we don't. To be totally honest if we did I probably wouldn't post it.

My reasons:
I like to change my mind a lot these days
What if I say the name and then decide I don't want to use it and then everyone thinks thats what her name is.
I want to use it later and I don't want anyone else to use it
I don't want to hear any negative comments or facial expressions

When I was pregnant with Lily we had her name picked out before we knew she was a girl and we never changed our minds. I loved her name and that was that. Sometimes I wonder how I was so for sure. I do have to say I love Lily's name and I am glad that I picked it. The only downfall is that there are SO many Lily's now. When I was pregnant with her I didn't know any and now there are a tun. Either way I think her name is pretty and oh well if there are a lot. She is my Lily and I love her! With Lydia we actually had a name picked out for a while but it was a little different and I didn't want to tell anyone b/c I didn't want to hear anything negative about it and I didn't want anyone to steal it. As some time went by I started to not love the name so much and we had to start all over again which was a little hard b/c Tyler was deployed to Afghanistan. I would try to find names when I was hanging out with my sister(who is my totally honest name opinion giver) or I would email Tyler and ask what he thought of differnt names. This went on forever until a few weeks before I had Lydia. We had 2 names picked out and I figured I would take those to the hospital with me and decide when I had her and talked to Tyler. Lydia has been mentioned after we found out we had a girl but I think we both kind of forgot about it until later. Once I was actually in the hospital Tyler called me and he was so sweet and excited and told me I could name her whatever I wanted. We both pretty much decided that Lydia was going to be her name. Plus Tyler and I both thought that giving her the same initals as Lily and I would just go. So that is how Lydia became Lydia and I absolutely love her name! I wanted to make sure that we chose a not so common name this time around. After I had her when I would tell people what her name was they would either say "oh thats a cute name" or just "oohhh." I honestly don't care if anyone likes it or not. Tyler and I love it and thats all that matters!
Now when we found out we were pregnant this time I had went back and fourth on going with another L name. Some days I would think I really should go with an L and other days I would think if we find a name we love and it's not an L oh well. I am back to pretty much going to go with another L name. Tyler thinks all the girls should have the same initials too. My sister and I were looking at L names the other day and we actually found a couple more to add to list. Tyler approved of 1 so far lol but I have to say it's a pretty cute one! I am excited that I have some more options now. I feel like the more kids you have the harder it is to pick a name. Especially when you limit yourself to only and L.
The one thing I will say for sure though is that her middle name is going to be Merriann. That is Tyler's grandmas name who passed away and it's really important to him to use it. Once we knew that was going to be her middle name it kind of helped us decided that since the middle name was going to be another M we should probably go with LML initials. So as of right now that is that on the name buisness.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lydia's first trim!

So my little Lydia got her first trim yesterday! I noticed that in Hawaii where it is a lot more humid Lydia's hair has a lot more bounce to it. Once we got on the plane and being here in CA her hair hasn't been as curly as it is in hawaii. The past week of being here I have really started to notice how long her hair was getting in the back and it was def looking like she needed a trim in the very near future. Both my girls were blessed with their hair deciding that it should grow longer in the back. So I knew this day would come haha.

I told myself that when it started to look a little mullety I would for sure trim it! I waited a little to long with Lily. I think it was b/c she was my first and I was so afraid someone was going to mess her hair up and I guess the mommyness of oh my baby is so cute no matter what her hair looks like was in full gear so I didn't fully notice until Tyler and my sister told me it was time. Once I took Lily to get a trim I wondered why the heck I waited so dang long to do it. It looked WAY better and so much healthier! It was like an even cuter version of my already super cute Lily!

So anyways back to Lydia! She is of course beautiful and I LOVE her hair and how different it is from Lily's. I love having one pretty little girl with super straight hair and another pretty little girl with curls at the end of her hair! I thought Lydia's hair might not need a trim for a while since of the curls but yesterday I was looking at it and said "Cole I think we should trim Lydia's hair, It's getting a little long in the back." My very truthful sister said she thought the same thing so after bath time my sister gave her a little trim! Looking at it this morning we thought a little more needed to be trimmed so thats what we did and it looks SO much better! I LOVE IT! Just like after her big sisters first trim she is a new improved and even cuter version on herself!! Some people may not be able to tell a difference b/c we didn't cut a tun but I am so glad with how it turned out. It was just enough off the back to even it out with the front!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sissy Love & Space A!

I have missed my sister SO much! We went from living on the same base less then 10 min away from eachother for a year to me moving across the ocean to HI! It has been 7 months since I have seen her which I know isn't a rediculous amout of time to go without seeing someone but when you are so use to having your sister around it pretty much blows. Everything is so much easier when you have a sister around! I am SO lucky that we are so close and that we actually like to hang out. I missed my sweet little nieces too! It's been awesome having all us girls in the house just hanging out!
Tyler is doing some training on The Big Island for 3 weeks(they arnt allowed to shoot artillery on Oahu) I figured since he was going to be gone I mine as well try and visit my sister. Plus my brother in law is still in Afghanistan so I figured these last few weeks before he gets home would totally help the time go by for her!
Flying Space A wasn't as difficult of a process as I thought it would be but there are details and things you need to do before you can get on one. You can't just go and say ok I am ready to get on a flight and actually get on it. We flew out of an Air Force base about 30 min from the base we are on. We flew on a military plane which I was little nervous about. I was hoping the girls would do good and it turned out even easier then I would of thought! They gave us all ear plugs to wear since the plane is pretty dang loud. We sat along the sides of the plane and the whole middle of the plane was an open area. They told us that when we got to cruising altitude that our kids could run around, we could walk around, sit, lay down and just hang out. So thats what we did. Lily made a friend and hung out with her the whole flight. They shared snacks and watched movies on Lily's dvd player. The little girls dad even brought a pool floaty and blew it up so the girls could lay comforably on the ground. Lydia and I walked up and down the plane and both girls took great naps! It was seriously the most stress free plane ride I have ever gone on with kids. You didn't have to worry about bothering anyone with noise b/c the plane is so loud no one could really hear you. You didnt have to worry about kicking someones seat or your kid pulling or messing with the seat in front of you. You could walk around freely. It was awesome! I will totally try to fly this way whenever we can. Plus one of the best parts about it was it was FREE!! When in the world can you fly from HI to CA for free? I am seriously so thankful and greatful that we got on the flight and that everything worked out great! These are awesome perks of being a military spouse and I am so thankful that I have the ability to use and do these kind of things! I am going to try to head back to HI in about a week and I am really hoping that going back is as easy as getting here was. I have heard that it can be a little more difficult but I am going to think positive and hopefully it will work out great!
OH! Another awesome thing about us coming out here is last min my mom decided that since we were all going to be out here that she was going to fly here too! She gets in on Friday and we are all super excited for Omi to make her way tot 29! It will be a house full or girls and I am going to love every min of it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Skinny Jeans!

So today I did some shopping at the outlets ALONE! Yes I said alone! Tyler watched the girls for me and it was a pretty peaceful shopping trip. You would think that I wouldn't take as long without the girls but I actually think I took longer then I would of if they would have been with me. When I don't have the girls with me I kind of have a feeling like I don't know what to do with my hands. When I say or think that it totally reminds me of Talladega Nights. If you have seen it then you know what I am talking about.
Well anyways, after I did some shopping at the Carter's outlet and got each of the girls something I went to Motherhood Maternity and found some maternity skinny jeans! Which by the way are SUPER cute and made by Heidi Klum! She makes some cute stuff for them! They don't have a big panel which is really nice and they are so comfortable.
Lets just say I am excited about baby clothes and maternity skinny jeans!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 months!

I am 24 weeks/6 months pregnant today! Sometimes I feel like I have known I was pregnant forever but most of the time I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast! We have lots of things to keep us busy until she comes so I know she will be here before we know it!
I am a big dork and am excited about the more then 6 months pregnant parking spots they have on base that are front row. Who knows how much I will use them but hey at least I can park in them now. Sometimes I love the expecting mother parking but I think they need to make some for people with infants. I would rather have a parking spot when I have a newborn then when i'm pregnant. Anyone else with me!?

Here is me this morning at 24 weeks!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Lily turned 4!

HOLY MOLY! My little Lily is 4! Where in the heck did the time go!? I seriously cannot believe that it has been 4 whole years since I gave birth to her! She was a perfect little newborn who has looked like her daddy since day 1 and I am even more in love my sweet little Lily each day that goes by! She was my first little princess and is such a great little girl! She is so dang cute, sweet, crazy, beautiful, funny, sassy, divalicious, acts like she is a teenager sometimes, so NOT shy, friendly, loves attention and even though she may drive me a little nuts sometimes and can be a little stinker I love her so much and am so lucky to be her mommy! I could just squeeze her! UHHH I love that girl!
We had a great morning of opening some presents and playing! A great afternoon eating McDonalds and hanging out! A great evening with some macaroni for dinner and cake and ice cream for dessert. Some great Lily and Mommy time putting together her new doll house from her Nana and Papa. Now we are playing downstairs with her new doll house! I am going to be a nice momma and let her stay up a little later and play!
The only thing that was missing from today was Tyler! He was in the field and gets back tomorrow so we will be continuing her birthday celebration tomorrow when Tyler gets back by opening some more presents and then it will continue through the weekend b/c Lily's birthday party is on Sunday! Lily and my friends daughter Peyton are only a day apart so we are having a conjoined Barbie birthday party!
To sum this blog up I am so happy I have Lily in my life and I am so lucky that she is my daughter! I don't think there has EVER been a day that has gone by that she hasn't made me smile! I LOVE YOU LILY MARIE LEDBETTER!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lovely Ledbetter Ladies!

Well I guess I can really say that we are the Lovely Ledbetter Ladies! Our sweet new baby in my belly is a GIRL! We are going to have 3 little girls! I seriously cannot believe it! I actually had a slight feeling this one was a boy haha. I don't know if it was from everyone saying they hope and wish it was a boy for Tyler or what. I didn't really feel different then I did with the girls minus the whole getting my appendix out. I have felt great and am thankful to have had a smooth pregnancy so far. I really did want a boy for Tyler b/c I knew how bad he wanted one but hey what can you do! At least he makes some pretty dang cute little girls if I say so myself!
I'll explain the story on how we found out earlier then we were originally going to.
As some of you know Tyler's grandma passed away a couple days ago. She was an amazing women that I will never forget! I can only hope that this new baby girl has some of Grandma Ledbetter in her. If you ever met her I highly doubt you will ever forget her! She will be greatly missed but we know she is in a better place now.
We are actually headed to WA in 1 week from today to be home for her service and will be home for 2 weeks. We are very excited to be going home but of course the circumstances arn't what we hoped our reasoning for going back home would be. It will be great to be around family though and have us all together!
Well...I was suppose to be getting my ultrasound done on the 3rd of September but since we will be back home in WA I had to reschedule and they cant get me in until the 17th of September. I was willing to wait to find out what we were having until then but Tyler said I want to find out now! I would be 22 weeks by then. So I found a place in Honolulu that does the gender determination ultrasounds and the 3D ultrasounds and called to make an appt. They said they had one available for today at 11am so we took it and went this morning! I was 18 weeks yesterday so I knew the baby was big enough to see it's baby parts and that they probably wouldn't be hard to miss. It was so amazing to see the baby! She is a very active little girl haha. The women who was doing the ultrasound kept saying how much she was moving around. She was trying to find out if she was a boy or girl and was being wiggly but when she went over it the first time I said I think its a girl. Tyler even said when she did that he knew it was a girl. I feel like once you know what a girl part looks on the ultrasound its hard to miss haha. We both knew it was a girl at that point and the tech said oh yeah thats a girl! Those are defintely girl parts. Tyler said "wow I just can't make boys can I!? I guess god wants me to have girls" and I think he's right! We are just that special that we get 3 little princesses!
So that is the story! We are very excited for this baby and will be patiently awaiting HER debut!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Felt the flutter

So a couple days ago I thought I might have felt the baby move but I wasn't sure. I felt both the girls really early, even before 16 weeks. Well Friday night I was sitting down and really paying attention and I totally felt the flutter! And I have felt it every day since! It's a pretty awesome feeling knowing that it's the baby moving!
All it feels like right now is just a tiny flick but I am excited for the baby to get bigger and for Tyler and I to be able to see and feel from the outside.
I am REALLY excited that Tyler will get to see and feel my belly when I am REALLY big and pregnant. He was deployed when I was around 30 weeks with each of the girls so thats all he felt up to. I am excited for him to watch and feel my belly when it moves in crazy ways and all you girls that have been pregnant you know how crazy your belly can move haha.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lily had her first day of preschool on base this past Tuesday! She was very excited to go and I was very excited to drop her off. Not b/c I want a break from her but b/c I know how smart she is and how bored she has been at home all day. The girl needs to be stimulated! The only way I can explain Lily is well she's just Lily! She never stops talking, she is very emotional, she gets an attitude and I promise once you meet her you will be able to tell her scream/cry out of any of the other kids haha. I LOVE LILY! She is something else sometimes but she's Lily and I love her!
The teacher said she did really good at school and that she was very friendly which I expected b/c she is so good at playing with other kids. She is not shy at all and can play with anyone. Right when I dropped her off she walked in, sat down next to another little girl and started coloring. I was like ummm ok! See you later!? The only not so good thing was she told the teacher she was getting sleepy towards the end and that she was hungry. They had peaches and cottage cheese for a snack which I guess was not a hit for any of the kids. Since her school is from 1-5pm I figured by the time I picked her up she would be a little tired and hungry since we eat dinner shortly after that. Today I need to put in a transfer for her to try and get her into the morning preschool. They have such a long waiting list that we took what we could and they told us once we got in to put in for a transfer since the wait when your already going there isnt as long. So hopefully the wait isnt to bad.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

More curls

So pretty little Lydia's hair is totally curling these days. Its not a full on head of curly hair but the longer its getting the more it is starting to curl and I think its SO cute! Lily had and still does have stick straight hair so I think its fun that the girls have different textured hair. Lily's straight hair was like mine was when I was a kid. Yes I know surprisingly she did get some traits from me or should I say 1. Oh wait her toes are mine so that makes 2! I know Lily looks like Tyler and I know she is the mini girl version of Tyler but sometimes I forget how much she looks like him.
I don't know if its just me but I think this face looks just like Tyler.

Now I am not sure which part of the family these curls come from but it could be from either side. My sister has such pretty naturally curly hair so maybe from Auntie Nini or it could come from Tyler. When he was a baby he had some luscious curls on that cute mullet he had going on or it could be from my mother in law who has naturally curly hair too. Who knows I just think it's cute and I am wondering what it will look like the longer her hair gets and the older she gets.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. You can see the curls better if you do.

Friday, July 30, 2010

15 weeks

So I am 15 weeks pregnant today! On one hand I feel like I have known FOREVER b/c I found out when I was a little over 3 weeks which seems SO early to find out but on the other hand I feel like this pregnancy is going by pretty fast.
I am feeling great! Just like my pregnancies with the girls! So who knows what I am having! Some days I think boy and some days I think girl. I will be so excited to find out what we are having. Everyone keeps saying I hope you have a boy or i'll pray that you have a boy but honestly I would LOVE 3 girls! I seriously LOVE having my girls! But to be REALLY honest I just want a healthy baby! Boy or girl is fine with me as long as the sweet little baby is healthy. After everything that happened with having surgery to get my appendix out when I was 10 weeks pregnant and everything turning out to be ok with the baby has made me feel SO thankful!
I don't really have a "belly" yet but I am getting thicker in the belly so I guess you consider it a belly since it is growing haha. Oh and the boobs have gotten bigger! BLAH! Anyone who knows me good knows I hate having bigger boobs. At least its only temporary b/c I know after I have the baby they will be flat flat flat.
SOOO I LOVE FOOD! I have been trying to eat good which is really hard since I like to be lazy sometimes and not make dinner and eat bad. We have been doing ok but I need to put in more a little more effort. I don't want to gain to much weight! I have been good and have gained about 5 pounds so far maybe 6 by today, I had a lot of ice cream tonight or maybe 7,8,9 or 10. Because the other day I ate like pure crap and weighed myself in the morning and then again at night. Oh that was a terrible idea! Don't do that! I am being serious it might put you in a slight state of depression. I don't know what I was thinking b/c somehow I gained 5 pounds in one day. When I eat salty stuff it makes me bloated though and once I sweat a little it gets it out and I am back to my normal weight haha.
Anyways! Here are a few pictures!

If you enlarge the picture you can kind of see one of my scars from getting my appendix out by my fingers.
Oh and please don't mind the line across my upper belly. It's one of those lovely lines you get when your sitting down.

15 weeks!

15 weeks!