Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now but just kept putting it off! We have had a lot going on with the move but with the girls growing so fast I want to make sure I stay up to date with everything and remember it! So here I am!
We have been SO busy this last month I feel like I have barely had time to sit down and think haha. I am pretty sure this is going to be a long one so be prepared!
We are in Hawaii now!! I seriously cannot believe that we actually live here! This all came so fast!
For all of you that don't know I will give you a condenced version on how we got here. Tyler was in ATS(Artillery Training School) Its pretty much so he can run his own howister(big cannon) and while he was there they called him and said we have orders for you to Hawaii! This had been talked about but we didnt think it would happen at all! We just thought we would be out in 29 forever haha. Pretty much Tyler had talked to his Mst Sgt and he made a call and then BAM we have orders. So Tyler graduated ATS on the 26th of Feb. and on that following Monday he got his orders and we started our process here. I was a little weary about leaving 29 palms b/c it was our home for 4 years. It was a very big part of our lives and I will truley miss it and all the great people I met and of course my sissy, nieces' and my brother in law! Plus with Tyler being deployable the whole time we were in 29 and within that 4 years did 3 deployments, I was looking forward to Tyler doing a non deployable job for a little while.
When Tyler reenlisted he did this 2 extra years to stay in the op forces(which is to stay in a deployable unit) And I thought we would just finish up the last year in 29. Well that changed haha and now we will be here in Hawaii for 3 years. Tyler will still be deployable while were out here which is why I wasn't really wanting to come here when we had talked about it. I mean I of course wanted to live in Hawaii b/c come on! who wouldnt want to say that they have lived in HAWAII!?!?! BUT the 3 years deployable part was my only down side. I mean I can do a deployment and I feel like if I can have 2 babies while my husband is gone and survive 3 deployments so far I can do anything haha. But within the 4 1/2 years Tyler has been in the Marine Corps the longest he has been home for is 11 months. So I would like my husband home for a little while! I think I can hope for that right!? So one good thing about being out here in Hawaii though is that they are putting Tyler with a btry that is just getting back from a deployment so he shouldnt have to deploy for a little while which will be nice for us!

Okay so now on to being in Hawaii!! The morning started out with me getting sick one more time! The stomach flu that was going around back home finally got me! I knew it was coming the night before b/c I just didn't feel right! Even though I was in the bathroom most of the night I woke up and got ready for our journey! My in laws helped out a lot which was awesome! We had to take 2 cars to the airport b/c of the mass amounts of suitcases we had haha and the double stroller. I always pack a little to much but we were moving here so I felt like I needed a lot! All together we took 4 suitcases 2 large and 2 small ones, a pack n play, 2 carseats and a garmet bag oh and the bulky double stroller which was a must have! Tyler kept saying we didn't need to bring it b/c it is pretty massive haha but we have actually used it a lot since being here. Anyways we had a pretty good flight from Portland OR to Honolulu HI! It was a straight flight and it lasted just about 6 hours! The girls did awesome! Lily took a nice LONG nap on the plane so that made it a lot easier! Lydia did pretty good minus when she wanted to take her second nap. She likes to get comfortable on her own so the whole Tyler and I holding her while she was trying to get comfortable on us wasn't the best. She only fussed for a little bit and then went to sleep. For her first plane ride she did awesome! Once we got off the plane ride my butt was thanking me! It hurt from sitting the whole time haha. We had someone from Tyler's unit pick us up so that was nice to not have to worry about finding a way to the base. They had the duty van to which was nice b/c it fit everything we had! I was still feeling a little icky on the drive here but it looked very pretty! There was a lot of green and it was so pretty to see the ocean! When we got on base they drove us around and pretty much gave us a short tour of the base. Its fairly small which I like b/c I'm use to 29. After that we got our Villa on base. Its a 3 bedroom house type thing which is nice b/c it has pretty much everything we need but it was a little dirty. I mean you would think they would clean this place good but the rugs seriously looked like they hadn't been moved in forever and I swept up so much stuff off the floor!
After we got everything here we walked to the commisary which is conveniently less then a 10 min walk so we got to get our cleaning stuff and some groceries! That made me feel better to start cleaning! I tried to keep the girls up for a while b/c the time change is 3 hours behind then what were use to and they did great! Since we have been here the girls have waking up just before 6am which is a little early for me but oh well! Im hoping that it will all even out soon and that they will be back to waking up around 7. The girls have just been in our room b/c with this house being a little dirty and the rooms seeming so far away from ours I just feel better about them being in the same room as us. I put Lydia's pack n play at the end of our bed and Lily has been in the bed with us. Plus its a new place and it's the mom in me wanting to be near the girls in a new place.
Yesterday we went and rented a car which has been so nice! Its nice b/c the rental car place, PX, commisary and some food places are all right by each other so everything we needed was walking distance thankfully! Its been nice having a car but I am SO looking forward to getting our car! Its suppose to be here no later then April 19th.
We went to go to the beach today but the red flag was up so that meant no swimming plus it was super windy! It looked SO beautiful though! I am so excited to go to the beach soon!
All in all Hawaii has been so far so good! Im am excited for us to get our house but were not sure when that will happen! They said the wait is 2-4 months right now but I am really hoping that it doesn't take that long. I think I will feel a lot better once we get our own house and our car so we can get everything put together and settled in!

Tyler is checking into his new unit in the morning! So he will most likely be running around tomorrow getting things taken care of!
I WILL be snapping a picture of him in his Alphas before he leaves the house!