Friday, April 2, 2010

My Big Momma!

So ever since Lydia was a little tiny baby and then turned in a chunky butt I have called her Big Momma! I have no idea where it came from other than the fact that she was a big girl haha. She was such a tiny little peanut when she was born and I thought for sure she was going to be an ity bity thing but she had other plans! I LOVE her chunkyness! Lily was not a chubby baby at all so to have a baby with crotch rolls, thicky thighs and a big ol belly is just super cute! Not to say that Lily wasn't equally cute b/c she was! I seriously love my beautiful girls!
SO as we speak Lydia is making her way to stand up on the weird TV stand they have here and its kind of freaking me out! Its the feeling where your heart stops a little and you kind of cringe and even make the face where your jaw is tight and eyes are big b/c you know the possiblity of your baby getting hurt is very llikely but you don't want to do anything about it b/c you want them to learn and know what they can and cant do. I dont want to make her scared ya know?
Well Lydia had been randomly standing up on things for a while now but never consistently and only on shorter things but now she wants to stand on EVERYTHING even things that are not the most stable things like her Sissy! There is a coffee table in the place were staying and its her favorite spot! She is always standing up on it or climbing under it! Its pretty funny! While we were home she started standing up a lot more and on my in laws glass coffee table which was not only freaky b/c I was always worried she was going to hurt herself on it but also messy haha. Makes me remember that with little kids anything glass with be a no no. She has gotten SO good at pulling herself up on higher things and is getting so brave. She's a quick little thing now! She just craws over to the table and then BAM she's standing up! I cant even count how many times she stands up these days! The other day she even made her way around some of the table while standing and has been doing it little by little since then. Im sure she will be cruising on all the furniture soon!
I feel like she has gotten so big in these last couple weeks! Ever since we have been here Lydia has only big girl crawled. She was still going half and half while we were home but not anymore! My Big Momma is getting so big!


  1. Linds, I can't believe how much progress she has made in just these few short weeks! It's amazing to watch her grow, I miss her so much already.

  2. Aww! It's amazing how fast the grow! Now, if only Ayla could fully sit up, lol..