Monday, April 26, 2010

It's me again!

So the cutest and funniest thing just happened! We are all in the living room of our lovely villa haha and all the sudden a little boy comes and knocks on the sliding glass door. I make Tyler to get up to get it and see what he wants. Well he opens the door and says whats up man!? The little boy said...I was just wondering if I could make friends with your son. Tyler said I dont have a son but I have I have a daughter. The little boy said well can she come out and play? Tyler said that she was going to be getting ready for bed but maybe tomorrow. The little boy said well I just wanted to make friends. I just really want to make some friends. I was sitting here and said AWWWW this little boy is so sweet and probably bored haha. I told him maybe tomorrow Lily could play. (When he came to the door Lily was in the bathroom or she probably would of busted out and started talking to him) So I said come back tomorrow and maybe she can play!
So the little boy leaves and in a couple min goes by and Tyler said hes here again. So Tyler gets up to the door and the little boy said Its me again! I just wanted to let you know just in case I forget to come to your door do you think that maybe you could come to my door? Come outside so I can show you where my house is. Then he explains that its not that one its the one next to the pink one haha underneith the shady tree area. Well now Lily is out of the bathroom and comes to the door and I tell her he wanted to play with her! She got so excited with her big brown eyes and I let her go on the patio and talk to him. She asks him what his name is and he tells her its Asher and she tells him her name is Lily. Then I told her to ask him how old he was so she did and he is 6 and she tells him she is 3. He said you look older then 3! My borthers 3 and hes only up to here and puts his hand a little above his waist. Then he comes into the doorway and asks if he can see how much taller he is then her and said shes almost as tall as me!
After that I told him maybe she could play tomorrow! And he topped it off with IM GLAD WE MADE FRIENDS as he was walking away!
It was so cute and Tyler and I kept talking about how he came back and said "It's me again!!"

SO FUNNY! I think I will have to let Lily play with him soon b/c I want to hear all the funny stuff they say to eachother!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So NOT napping!

I put Lily down for a nap and then shortly after I put her down I went to put Lydia down. I have to make sure and tell Lily to not talk to her sister and just lay down b/c they both need to take naps. Lily likes to think that if Lydia stands up in her pack n play she needs to talk to her. Sometimes she will jump on the bed for Lydia, talk to her and sometimes when she is feeling like a good little girl she will actually fall asleep without talking to her.
Well after over a half hour of weird noises that were actually Lily moving Lydia's pack n play(with Lydia in it), Lydia making noise, talking to herself, Lily giggling, some silence and then some loud giggling coming from both of the girls I walk upstairs and find this!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Uhhh I seriously LOVE my girls so much! They are just so dang cute!
Do you ever just want to squeeze the crap out of your kids!?!?! I mean like seriously squeeze them but in a good way! Sometimes I could just kiss there faces a million times and give them big squeeze hugs! I mean I do all those things multiple times a day but you know like REALLY squeeze them! You know like when a little kid gives hugs and they squeezes so hard that they shake a little! Thats what im talking about!
I know this is a totally random blog but I wanted to write about it!
My girls are so much fun and they make me smile and laugh every single day! I am so lucky to have such great little girls!
To bad they are in bed or I would go give them a nice BIG SQUEEZE!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

10 months old!

Lydia turned 10 months old yesterday! I seriously cannot believe that she is 10 months old already and I cant believe that in 2 months my big momma will be 1! She is growing up so fast!
She is such a good baby! She is so fun and she LOVES her momma! She is a total mommas girl!
She cries and whines for me when she wants me. Its sad but so cute! She will say mmm mama mama mama in the middle of her crying and crawl towards me. I love it! SOMETIMES she will say Momma if you tell her to. Lily has gotten her to say it so that makes it super cute. I am hoping that with Lily ALWAYS talking and talking to her she will talk a lot. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing b/c Lily really never stops talking haha. I am sure I will never have silence until they are sleeping. But I seriously love it and them!
As of right now Lydia is standing up on everything. She is not feeling standing by herself! She will stand up on anything but as for standing up and holding on to nothing kind of freaks her out. She has only done it once for a couple seconds. So I am not going to force it. I know she will walk when shes ready. Its weird to think that in a week Lily was already walking. Lily and Lydia have been very different. Its hard to not compare them to eachother with milestones but I just always tell myself that she is doing everything at a very average age and that Lily was just extremely fast with everything.
Lydia is getting a little attitude on her. She likes to scream and she does the cutest little laugh when she gets excited. When she coughs when I ask her if she's ok and then she will cough again. She has been eating less and less baby food! She eats 1 or 2 baby food jars a day along with food. She likes to be a big girl and eat big people food. Which is hard b/c she only has 1 tooth and she likes to eat! So for now she likes the baby cereal bars broken up, baby yogurt, cheerios, puffer snacks, the little gerber cheese puffs that look like cheetos, crackers, bread and little by little we have been trying more. Pretty much anything that is easy to dissolve in her mouth we are opening for trying. Its been fun giving her new food but a little scary at he same time b/c I dont want her to choke. She LOVES food but is a little picky at the same time. She likes to mess with her sissy. When they are in the stroller Lydia likes to play with Lily's hair. Only it kind of hurts Lily b/c she grabs little pieces, you know the kind that hurt the worst? She seriously LOVES Lily though. She cracks up at her harder then she ever does at me and she is always wanting to do what Lily is doing. Which is already starting to bother Lily a little haha. I remember when I use to always want to do what my sister was doing. I'm sure there will be plenty of Lily telling me that Lydia wont leave her alone and plenty of Lydia telling me Lily is being mean and wont let her play with her. I just really hope they turn out to be close like my sister and I. I just want them to always be close and be able to count on eachother. Sisters are the best!
My girls make me smile and I cant believe how big they are getting.
These pictures are from yesterday with Lily's new train set that she is obsessed with! She lets Lydia play with it to but she started to get frustrated when Lydia kept sitting on her tracks haha. Either way it was cute watching them play together!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goodbye WA plates hello HI Plates!

Our Jeep finally made it to Hawaii! Tyler and I were so excited when we looked at and saw that our car was ready to be picked up! We have been checking it everyday so it was so nice to get on the website and see that it made it! Who knows when they were going to call and let us know it was here but either way I am glad we saw it when we did so that we had enough time to go pick it up!
We have been driving a rental car since the day after we got to Hawaii. I was very glad to have a car to get us around but I was so ready to give that dang Ford Fusion back and get our Jeep! Oh and not pay for a rental anymore thats a nice plus.
After we got the Jeep and brought it back to where were staying we drove to Allstate to switch over out car insurance to HI. We didn't know until we got here but when you move to HI you have to have there car insurance. I didn't think we would have to since we have always had WA insurance even when we were in 29 but thats just how the state works and they explained it pretty quick and easy, since you cant drive to HI you have to have there insurance. We were nervous that our car insurance was going to go up since it seems that everything is a little more expensive here. We were even thinking about switching our insurance to see if we could get it cheaper somewhere else. Well long story short we lucked out and it is actually going to be cheaper! I was so excited haha. The funny things I get excited about these days! The people at the office were so nice to us and we felt so great when we left the office. Tyler and I actually both walked out and said they were so nice and we both felt bad for even wanting to switch! Tyler said they made him feel like he wanted to go back in there and hang out with them haha! Which im not going to lie I totally could of went back in there and hung out for a while!
Today we took care of everything else for the car. In the state of HI you have to get a safety inspection on your car so we did checked that off the list! Then we went down to register our car in the state of HI. You can keep your plates if you want but it's more money and we have talked to more then a couple people that said we should get the HI plates. They said that some locals target those cars with out of state plates and will break into them. Personally I LOVE our plates! I know thats SO silly but we have WA Marine Corps plates and I just really love them and didn't want to get plates here but with it only being $5.50 to get new plates for HI and from everything else we have heard we went ahead with it. I mean don't get my wrong HI plates are super cool with the pretty rainbow but I will miss my WA Marine Corps plates!
So its goodbye to my totally patriotic lovely WA Marine Corps plates and HELLO to my happy HI rainbow plates!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So on April 10th I turned the big 23! I know it's not old but these days I kind of feel like im getting old! I think it partially has to do with the military. I mean a lot of girls get married at a young age including myself. So you look at all these new wives who are around 18 and it just makes you feel a little older haha. I cant believe that at 18 I was married and pregnant! I think in these past 5 years I have accomplished a lot! When I was 18 im sure people thought we were crazy!! I have come a long way since then and I am so happy and proud to be where I am now! I have a great husband and 2 amazingly gorgeous little girls!
Ok so on to my spectacular birthday fun day! Tyler got me a card which was so sweet and I actually got teary eyed reading it! We had already decided like I usually do and chose a day of shopping rather then presents to open haha. Its just easier and I feel like the fun of a birthday just isn't the same as when your a kid. I think maybe for my 30th birthday ill do it big haha.
I had a really good day! I got some super cute stuff! I was proud of myself b/c I actually bought myself a dress. I told myself that since I will be living in Hawaii I want to start wearing dresses since I don't ever wear them. It isn't a dressy dress just an everyday super cute comfy dress. I got a few other things and then we went out to eat! The restaurant we went to was called Haleiwa Joe's. A few of my friends out here recommended it and it was not only beautiful but SO SO good! I mean im talking it was one of those places where you eat everything on your place and you still dont feel full b/c it was that good! If you ever come to Hawaii you will have to come and experience it! They have a little garden area that has a pond with ducks and koi fish in it. It was nice to walk down there after we ate and our awesome waiter gave us some break to feed them. It was so awesome to see all the fishes and ducks eat the bread! I seriously think I had more fun throwing the bread to them and watching them eat it then anyone else did haha. After dinner we headed back to base and I ran into Dairy Queen and got a dipped cone! YUMM! It was a great way to finish a great birthday with my great family!
Then next day we went back to the mall which by the way was so nice and fun to walk around and did some more shopping! Tyler and the girls stuck it out and hardly complained about all the looking around and shopping we did! All in all my birthday was awesome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Today is my sisters birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY! I miss her a lot and I mean A LOT!
For those of you who don't know my sisters husband is in the Marine Corps. He ended up getting stationed in 29 and then shortly after my sister moved out there! She moved to 29 in April of last year so we got almost a whole year together in the wonderful desert!
I cannot even explain how nice it was to have my sister with me! She had been out in 29 for a week or so before Tyler left for Afghanistan and she really helped me get through it! I seriously don't know what I would of done with out her and I am so thankful that I have such an amazing sister! I was at her house everyday for the first week after Tyler left. Well lets be honest I was pretty much at her house almost everyday Tyler was gone haha. She was the only one in the delivery room with me when I had Lydia! She did everything to help me out and I don't know what I would of done without her! Its one thing to have a good friend to turn to while your husband is gone but you cant really beat having your sister with you! Now my brother in law is getting ready to deploy and I wish I could be there for my sister! It makes me sad that she is by herself! I know she will be fine and stay busy but I just wish I could be there for her like she was there for me!
Thats one BIG reason I really miss 29! I just miss my sister! Pretty much every morning either I would call her or she would call me and we would talk for at least 30 min even though we lived less then 10 min from eachother on base and talk about if we were going to go on a walk over by her house or mine so who was going to pick up food haha.
I miss our walks! I miss our crazy girls acting CRAZY and fighting over everything! Gracie and Lily are a little less then 10 months apart so they fight like sisters! I miss the screams and the fighting from them haha on occasion they would hug eachother and sit quietly while they watched TV. I miss baby Charlotte! She is so big now and I feel like I have missed so much! Lydia and Charlotte are about 4 months apart! We were so excited to watch them grow and play together! Lydia always got SO excited when Charlotte was on the ground. I miss my super cute nieces!! I even miss Jeffy and his super fly rap songs and his good grilling skills!
The only upside to not being with my sister is that we eat HORRIBLE together! I am talking bad but so so good! While we were pregnant together it was even worse haha. At LEAST once a week we would order pizza and we made lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies together. Lots of subway and random trips to mcdonalds. It was all so delicious and I will look forward to the next time were together b/c I know we will eat some bomb food and talk about how fat we feel but still be shoving our faces!
Pretty much to some it all up I really miss my sister and best friend! She has been everything you could ever hope for in a sister and I love her for that! She puts up with my anal, obsessive and weird self and I love her lots!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY! I love and miss you so much and I hope you have the best day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our lovely Living Quarters

So right now we are staying in a Villa on base. Sounds so nice right!? On the base website the Villas looks so nice! Yeah thats b/c they have one section that is remodeled but they fail to put up there that the other ones are old haha. I guess they are remodeling the ones were in on May 1st. Well I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Its not super nice but its not the sickest thing i've ever seen! It works for now and I guess thats what matters. It has a washer and dryer, its pretty much fully furnished so thats good for us since were living out of suitcases. When we got here it looked ok but when I started to clean I was like WOW do they ever clean these!? Well the rugs probably hadn't been moved in a while and I swept up a lot of stuff. Im talking in each room I had a pile. Oh well though! I mean at least if I cleaned it I know its clean. Its only temporary and it really isn't that bad. I am just really looking forward to having our own house.
Yesterday Tyler was doing some more checking in and he went over to housing and they told him they had housing available and that someone from housing would call us today or tomorrow. Well within a couple of hours the housing office called my phone and said they would like to offer us a house! I was very relieved to know that we will be getting a house sooner then we thought. They originally told us the wait was 2-4 months. We get to do a walk through on the 28th of April and we get our house on the 5th of May! They gave us the address so we of course did a drive by....twice haha. The housing area looks nice and its right over by one of the beaches on base. Yay for getting our house soon! I'm so excited to start decorating! I want to do a lot more decorating then I did in my old house. So it might be a longer process but I want to LOVE my house and my goal is to do that!

My Big Momma!

So ever since Lydia was a little tiny baby and then turned in a chunky butt I have called her Big Momma! I have no idea where it came from other than the fact that she was a big girl haha. She was such a tiny little peanut when she was born and I thought for sure she was going to be an ity bity thing but she had other plans! I LOVE her chunkyness! Lily was not a chubby baby at all so to have a baby with crotch rolls, thicky thighs and a big ol belly is just super cute! Not to say that Lily wasn't equally cute b/c she was! I seriously love my beautiful girls!
SO as we speak Lydia is making her way to stand up on the weird TV stand they have here and its kind of freaking me out! Its the feeling where your heart stops a little and you kind of cringe and even make the face where your jaw is tight and eyes are big b/c you know the possiblity of your baby getting hurt is very llikely but you don't want to do anything about it b/c you want them to learn and know what they can and cant do. I dont want to make her scared ya know?
Well Lydia had been randomly standing up on things for a while now but never consistently and only on shorter things but now she wants to stand on EVERYTHING even things that are not the most stable things like her Sissy! There is a coffee table in the place were staying and its her favorite spot! She is always standing up on it or climbing under it! Its pretty funny! While we were home she started standing up a lot more and on my in laws glass coffee table which was not only freaky b/c I was always worried she was going to hurt herself on it but also messy haha. Makes me remember that with little kids anything glass with be a no no. She has gotten SO good at pulling herself up on higher things and is getting so brave. She's a quick little thing now! She just craws over to the table and then BAM she's standing up! I cant even count how many times she stands up these days! The other day she even made her way around some of the table while standing and has been doing it little by little since then. Im sure she will be cruising on all the furniture soon!
I feel like she has gotten so big in these last couple weeks! Ever since we have been here Lydia has only big girl crawled. She was still going half and half while we were home but not anymore! My Big Momma is getting so big!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I will admit it! I am a BIG FAT copier! My new layout was stolen from my sister! But is it technically copying if your sister says its ok to steal it!? I just really liked it and just wasn't feeling the one that I had. So thank you Sissy! Your the best for not caring if I copy you and steal your layout!
I will say though that SOMETIMES copying is the biggest form of flattery but not all the time!
Like when your in highschool and the same girl always asks you where you get your stuff from and then she goes out and gets the same thing! I just started telling people it was my sisters haha. So yet again I take my sisters stuff! At least she has good taste!
I love you Sissy and miss you lots!