Monday, April 19, 2010

10 months old!

Lydia turned 10 months old yesterday! I seriously cannot believe that she is 10 months old already and I cant believe that in 2 months my big momma will be 1! She is growing up so fast!
She is such a good baby! She is so fun and she LOVES her momma! She is a total mommas girl!
She cries and whines for me when she wants me. Its sad but so cute! She will say mmm mama mama mama in the middle of her crying and crawl towards me. I love it! SOMETIMES she will say Momma if you tell her to. Lily has gotten her to say it so that makes it super cute. I am hoping that with Lily ALWAYS talking and talking to her she will talk a lot. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing b/c Lily really never stops talking haha. I am sure I will never have silence until they are sleeping. But I seriously love it and them!
As of right now Lydia is standing up on everything. She is not feeling standing by herself! She will stand up on anything but as for standing up and holding on to nothing kind of freaks her out. She has only done it once for a couple seconds. So I am not going to force it. I know she will walk when shes ready. Its weird to think that in a week Lily was already walking. Lily and Lydia have been very different. Its hard to not compare them to eachother with milestones but I just always tell myself that she is doing everything at a very average age and that Lily was just extremely fast with everything.
Lydia is getting a little attitude on her. She likes to scream and she does the cutest little laugh when she gets excited. When she coughs when I ask her if she's ok and then she will cough again. She has been eating less and less baby food! She eats 1 or 2 baby food jars a day along with food. She likes to be a big girl and eat big people food. Which is hard b/c she only has 1 tooth and she likes to eat! So for now she likes the baby cereal bars broken up, baby yogurt, cheerios, puffer snacks, the little gerber cheese puffs that look like cheetos, crackers, bread and little by little we have been trying more. Pretty much anything that is easy to dissolve in her mouth we are opening for trying. Its been fun giving her new food but a little scary at he same time b/c I dont want her to choke. She LOVES food but is a little picky at the same time. She likes to mess with her sissy. When they are in the stroller Lydia likes to play with Lily's hair. Only it kind of hurts Lily b/c she grabs little pieces, you know the kind that hurt the worst? She seriously LOVES Lily though. She cracks up at her harder then she ever does at me and she is always wanting to do what Lily is doing. Which is already starting to bother Lily a little haha. I remember when I use to always want to do what my sister was doing. I'm sure there will be plenty of Lily telling me that Lydia wont leave her alone and plenty of Lydia telling me Lily is being mean and wont let her play with her. I just really hope they turn out to be close like my sister and I. I just want them to always be close and be able to count on eachother. Sisters are the best!
My girls make me smile and I cant believe how big they are getting.
These pictures are from yesterday with Lily's new train set that she is obsessed with! She lets Lydia play with it to but she started to get frustrated when Lydia kept sitting on her tracks haha. Either way it was cute watching them play together!

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  1. I loved this blog! Lydia's hair is getting thicker and darker than I imagined! She's going to get some nice highlights being out in the sun though!
    Sooo when I see pictures at your temporary house I always feel like you're at a school in the gym. I guess it's the floor and brick walls? Haha. You should do a drive by and snap some pictures of your new house!