Thursday, April 15, 2010


So on April 10th I turned the big 23! I know it's not old but these days I kind of feel like im getting old! I think it partially has to do with the military. I mean a lot of girls get married at a young age including myself. So you look at all these new wives who are around 18 and it just makes you feel a little older haha. I cant believe that at 18 I was married and pregnant! I think in these past 5 years I have accomplished a lot! When I was 18 im sure people thought we were crazy!! I have come a long way since then and I am so happy and proud to be where I am now! I have a great husband and 2 amazingly gorgeous little girls!
Ok so on to my spectacular birthday fun day! Tyler got me a card which was so sweet and I actually got teary eyed reading it! We had already decided like I usually do and chose a day of shopping rather then presents to open haha. Its just easier and I feel like the fun of a birthday just isn't the same as when your a kid. I think maybe for my 30th birthday ill do it big haha.
I had a really good day! I got some super cute stuff! I was proud of myself b/c I actually bought myself a dress. I told myself that since I will be living in Hawaii I want to start wearing dresses since I don't ever wear them. It isn't a dressy dress just an everyday super cute comfy dress. I got a few other things and then we went out to eat! The restaurant we went to was called Haleiwa Joe's. A few of my friends out here recommended it and it was not only beautiful but SO SO good! I mean im talking it was one of those places where you eat everything on your place and you still dont feel full b/c it was that good! If you ever come to Hawaii you will have to come and experience it! They have a little garden area that has a pond with ducks and koi fish in it. It was nice to walk down there after we ate and our awesome waiter gave us some break to feed them. It was so awesome to see all the fishes and ducks eat the bread! I seriously think I had more fun throwing the bread to them and watching them eat it then anyone else did haha. After dinner we headed back to base and I ran into Dairy Queen and got a dipped cone! YUMM! It was a great way to finish a great birthday with my great family!
Then next day we went back to the mall which by the way was so nice and fun to walk around and did some more shopping! Tyler and the girls stuck it out and hardly complained about all the looking around and shopping we did! All in all my birthday was awesome!


  1. Its sounds like you had a great day with your family. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. You look great! I'm glad your birthday was fantastic! And I feel like such an adult now that I'm 23, ha, I know what you mean!

    Lets see that dress pretty mama!

  3. I remember meeting you when you were 19.. that seems like ages ago, lol! I am glad that you had a fantastic birthday, and in Hawaii! :)

  4. Okay, another comment.. How was it like to share the same birthday month as your sis growing up? (Perfect blog topic, btw.) I honestly just noticed that, and I am wondering because Keira and Ayla share August together. What should I expect? :)