Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I will admit it! I am a BIG FAT copier! My new layout was stolen from my sister! But is it technically copying if your sister says its ok to steal it!? I just really liked it and just wasn't feeling the one that I had. So thank you Sissy! Your the best for not caring if I copy you and steal your layout!
I will say though that SOMETIMES copying is the biggest form of flattery but not all the time!
Like when your in highschool and the same girl always asks you where you get your stuff from and then she goes out and gets the same thing! I just started telling people it was my sisters haha. So yet again I take my sisters stuff! At least she has good taste!
I love you Sissy and miss you lots!


  1. I LOVE YOU SISSY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feelin' the new layout! :)

  2. i was just about to put this one up haha i guess i will wait a little while lol i found it last night haha