Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goodbye WA plates hello HI Plates!

Our Jeep finally made it to Hawaii! Tyler and I were so excited when we looked at and saw that our car was ready to be picked up! We have been checking it everyday so it was so nice to get on the website and see that it made it! Who knows when they were going to call and let us know it was here but either way I am glad we saw it when we did so that we had enough time to go pick it up!
We have been driving a rental car since the day after we got to Hawaii. I was very glad to have a car to get us around but I was so ready to give that dang Ford Fusion back and get our Jeep! Oh and not pay for a rental anymore thats a nice plus.
After we got the Jeep and brought it back to where were staying we drove to Allstate to switch over out car insurance to HI. We didn't know until we got here but when you move to HI you have to have there car insurance. I didn't think we would have to since we have always had WA insurance even when we were in 29 but thats just how the state works and they explained it pretty quick and easy, since you cant drive to HI you have to have there insurance. We were nervous that our car insurance was going to go up since it seems that everything is a little more expensive here. We were even thinking about switching our insurance to see if we could get it cheaper somewhere else. Well long story short we lucked out and it is actually going to be cheaper! I was so excited haha. The funny things I get excited about these days! The people at the office were so nice to us and we felt so great when we left the office. Tyler and I actually both walked out and said they were so nice and we both felt bad for even wanting to switch! Tyler said they made him feel like he wanted to go back in there and hang out with them haha! Which im not going to lie I totally could of went back in there and hung out for a while!
Today we took care of everything else for the car. In the state of HI you have to get a safety inspection on your car so we did checked that off the list! Then we went down to register our car in the state of HI. You can keep your plates if you want but it's more money and we have talked to more then a couple people that said we should get the HI plates. They said that some locals target those cars with out of state plates and will break into them. Personally I LOVE our plates! I know thats SO silly but we have WA Marine Corps plates and I just really love them and didn't want to get plates here but with it only being $5.50 to get new plates for HI and from everything else we have heard we went ahead with it. I mean don't get my wrong HI plates are super cool with the pretty rainbow but I will miss my WA Marine Corps plates!
So its goodbye to my totally patriotic lovely WA Marine Corps plates and HELLO to my happy HI rainbow plates!


  1. That's so cool, Kevin and I always say it would be neat to get a jeep and be stationed in Hawaii. Let me know how it goes =) In the meantime we'll be enjoying the snow in the winter while we ( I mean I ) dream of the beach. You have a beautiful family Lindsey and I miss you all. I hope our paths cross again one day. Is tyler planning on staying in long term?

  2. WOoHOoo for rainbows!!! Now get on your birkenstocks my hippie chick!

  3. Hahaha you know what I almost posted on here!? I almost said Roxanne I know you will love my rainbow plates! We are so bffs!

  4. I loved my HI plates, and not everyone has them, lol! I like changing my plates from state to state.. It allows me to save them as souviners of the places we've lived!