Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Today is my sisters birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY! I miss her a lot and I mean A LOT!
For those of you who don't know my sisters husband is in the Marine Corps. He ended up getting stationed in 29 and then shortly after my sister moved out there! She moved to 29 in April of last year so we got almost a whole year together in the wonderful desert!
I cannot even explain how nice it was to have my sister with me! She had been out in 29 for a week or so before Tyler left for Afghanistan and she really helped me get through it! I seriously don't know what I would of done with out her and I am so thankful that I have such an amazing sister! I was at her house everyday for the first week after Tyler left. Well lets be honest I was pretty much at her house almost everyday Tyler was gone haha. She was the only one in the delivery room with me when I had Lydia! She did everything to help me out and I don't know what I would of done without her! Its one thing to have a good friend to turn to while your husband is gone but you cant really beat having your sister with you! Now my brother in law is getting ready to deploy and I wish I could be there for my sister! It makes me sad that she is by herself! I know she will be fine and stay busy but I just wish I could be there for her like she was there for me!
Thats one BIG reason I really miss 29! I just miss my sister! Pretty much every morning either I would call her or she would call me and we would talk for at least 30 min even though we lived less then 10 min from eachother on base and talk about if we were going to go on a walk over by her house or mine so who was going to pick up food haha.
I miss our walks! I miss our crazy girls acting CRAZY and fighting over everything! Gracie and Lily are a little less then 10 months apart so they fight like sisters! I miss the screams and the fighting from them haha on occasion they would hug eachother and sit quietly while they watched TV. I miss baby Charlotte! She is so big now and I feel like I have missed so much! Lydia and Charlotte are about 4 months apart! We were so excited to watch them grow and play together! Lydia always got SO excited when Charlotte was on the ground. I miss my super cute nieces!! I even miss Jeffy and his super fly rap songs and his good grilling skills!
The only upside to not being with my sister is that we eat HORRIBLE together! I am talking bad but so so good! While we were pregnant together it was even worse haha. At LEAST once a week we would order pizza and we made lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies together. Lots of subway and random trips to mcdonalds. It was all so delicious and I will look forward to the next time were together b/c I know we will eat some bomb food and talk about how fat we feel but still be shoving our faces!
Pretty much to some it all up I really miss my sister and best friend! She has been everything you could ever hope for in a sister and I love her for that! She puts up with my anal, obsessive and weird self and I love her lots!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY! I love and miss you so much and I hope you have the best day!


  1. I totally wish you two could still be together, too! You would be a lifesaver while Jeff is gone. Do you think her and the girls will make it out to Hawaii, or wait until Jeff can go, too?
    I just love both you girls! And you both have beautiful babies!!

  2. :) I know how you feel! I miss my big sis too! She is in Huntington Beach, CA and I am ALL THE WAY on the East coast. (I enjoy reading your blogs,btw!) If you ever get bored, here's mine! www.keiraashley.blogspot.com

  3. Awww, I know how you feel! My twin sis and I are super close, and we spent 25 years together, then saw each other a little less when we lived an hour from each other (we got lucky with a close base assignment at the time), but now we're 3000 miles apart and I miss her tons! Our babies are 2 and a half months apart, and I wish they could grow up together too!

  4. I absolutely love the series of pictures of all the girlies. Adorable!

  5. Sissy, this post brought a tear to my eye :'( I miss you guys SOOOOO much! I'm so thankful that I have such a wonderful sister that I can always count on. You're the best, I love you!