Monday, April 26, 2010

It's me again!

So the cutest and funniest thing just happened! We are all in the living room of our lovely villa haha and all the sudden a little boy comes and knocks on the sliding glass door. I make Tyler to get up to get it and see what he wants. Well he opens the door and says whats up man!? The little boy said...I was just wondering if I could make friends with your son. Tyler said I dont have a son but I have I have a daughter. The little boy said well can she come out and play? Tyler said that she was going to be getting ready for bed but maybe tomorrow. The little boy said well I just wanted to make friends. I just really want to make some friends. I was sitting here and said AWWWW this little boy is so sweet and probably bored haha. I told him maybe tomorrow Lily could play. (When he came to the door Lily was in the bathroom or she probably would of busted out and started talking to him) So I said come back tomorrow and maybe she can play!
So the little boy leaves and in a couple min goes by and Tyler said hes here again. So Tyler gets up to the door and the little boy said Its me again! I just wanted to let you know just in case I forget to come to your door do you think that maybe you could come to my door? Come outside so I can show you where my house is. Then he explains that its not that one its the one next to the pink one haha underneith the shady tree area. Well now Lily is out of the bathroom and comes to the door and I tell her he wanted to play with her! She got so excited with her big brown eyes and I let her go on the patio and talk to him. She asks him what his name is and he tells her its Asher and she tells him her name is Lily. Then I told her to ask him how old he was so she did and he is 6 and she tells him she is 3. He said you look older then 3! My borthers 3 and hes only up to here and puts his hand a little above his waist. Then he comes into the doorway and asks if he can see how much taller he is then her and said shes almost as tall as me!
After that I told him maybe she could play tomorrow! And he topped it off with IM GLAD WE MADE FRIENDS as he was walking away!
It was so cute and Tyler and I kept talking about how he came back and said "It's me again!!"

SO FUNNY! I think I will have to let Lily play with him soon b/c I want to hear all the funny stuff they say to eachother!


  1. that is by far one of the cutest things i have heard in a long time haha

  2. Haha It was so much cuter in person and a LOT funnier haha. This little boys mannerisms were so funny! So cute.

  3. Haha, I can just see that! How stinkin cuuuute! You'll have to take some pictures of them playing today! Asher is a great name, too!