Sunday, April 25, 2010

So NOT napping!

I put Lily down for a nap and then shortly after I put her down I went to put Lydia down. I have to make sure and tell Lily to not talk to her sister and just lay down b/c they both need to take naps. Lily likes to think that if Lydia stands up in her pack n play she needs to talk to her. Sometimes she will jump on the bed for Lydia, talk to her and sometimes when she is feeling like a good little girl she will actually fall asleep without talking to her.
Well after over a half hour of weird noises that were actually Lily moving Lydia's pack n play(with Lydia in it), Lydia making noise, talking to herself, Lily giggling, some silence and then some loud giggling coming from both of the girls I walk upstairs and find this!


  1. OMG Lindsey, your girls crack me up! I really want a boy next, but watching your two makes me want another princess for my Lili to play like that with! :)

  2. Eeehehehe how stinkin cute. I know your saying "not funny" but it really is!! lol I love them they're so presh!! How fun are they!! lol