Wednesday, May 19, 2010

11 months!

Lydia is 11 months old today! I cant believe that in just one short month she will be 1! It makes me a little sad that she is getting so big but so happy at the same time!
She is becoming such a big girl!
I have been trying to upload my videos on here but it has been taking forever or something doesn't work right so I am going to post some videos up on facebook that I have been slacking on. Some might bore you but I think that they are cute!
Lydia has been doing lots lately!
She still says Momma when she feels like it and same with Dada.
She says more! I was so proud of her b/c I was trying to teach her the sign for more since thats pretty much the only one I know and every time I would do the sign I would say do you want more? More, more, more?? One day she said MA MA MA. Not momma which is clearly mama when she says it. I was like oh my goodness she is saying more! I was so proud of her! She likes to get mad when she sees food and wants some and then says ma ma. Now I can kind of get her to repeat it after me if she wants more food. Well only if she isnt to hungry b/c then she will just cry.
She is waving really good now! When we say hi or bye bye she likes to wave with both of her chubby little hands it is way to cute. I sware she is trying to say bye bye. She said ba ba and we don't give her bottles anymore so I know thats not it. She has only done it a couple of times but hey I like to think she is saying it.
She blows kisses! I love it! She even makes the muah sound since we do it at her when we blow her kisses!
She LOVES to play with Lily's kitchen! She crawls over to the shopping cart and pushes it around. Her and Lily fight over the shopping cart and the baby stroller. So it looks like I will be having double of those soon b/c I think they both need there own. The fighting has already begun. Lydia really loves to play with her toys though. Its so cute to watch her play.
She likes to crawl up the stairs whenever the baby gate isn't up. Which lately it is up all the time. More then a couple times we turned our head for a second and she was halfway up the starts already. Lily either likes to taddle on her that she is climbing up the stairs or she is right in front of her saying come on Lydia. Its so cute to watch them together. Lydia loves to play with her sissy and all of her sissy's things.
She has also been standing up all be herself! When we put her down to stand up she will stand up for a few seconds and then decide umm yeah right I think I would rather be on my butt or crawling around. Lately she has been standing up on stuff and letting go for a few seconds and last night I stood her up and had Tyler hold out his watch for her to grab and she totally stood up for like 20 seconds! No steps though. I think once she realizes that no one is holding on to her she doesn't want to stand anymore. She slowly bends her knees and down to the ground she goes.
She is still a big time Mommas girl! She is such a happy girl but feels most comfortable at her own house. I always tell people that she is a totally different baby out and about then at home. When we are out around new people she is quiet and only smiles at certain people. She likes to check out everything I think. She can give a mean little mean mug. When new people talk to her she will give them a smile sometimes but she is still very weary of people. Like when we go to the store and people talk to her she will just freak out and do the saddest cry. I don't know if she just gets scared or thinks I am leaving her or what. A lot of the time it happens when were at the commisary shopping for groceries and the bagger ladies try to talk to her. She gets so sad. So I always end up getting her out of the cart and she immediately stops crying. But at home she is so so happy and so so loud haha. She likes to scream and yell and make lots of noise! She is on the go around the house and loves her space.
The past few days she has really been trying to climb on things. One of her favorites is the baby stroller. She likes to climb in it and it makes me nervous b/c if she falls out backwards that would hurt and be scary especially since our house doesn't have carpet. Thankfully I got a big area rugs but still the ground is hard. Well tonight before bed time I let her climb in it since it was pushed against the couch and I was sitting right next to her and then I made her sit on her butt and Lily pushed her around it in. Its actually a graco double stroller for dolls but that thing is sturdy and can hold Lily. So Lydia got pushed around the house in it. She held on tight to the sides and kicked her feet almost the whole time Lily pushed her around. The girls were having lots of fun. When I took Lydia out she kept on trying to climb back in. Silly girl. I wonder how long she would of let Lily push her around haha.
She has pretty much only been eating big people food. She has an occasional baby food jar but mostly all big girl food! I still get worried that she will choke so I try to brake things up small and not give her things that I think she would be able to choke on. She likes to eat by herself which is nice b/c I break up her food and just set it on her highchair for her. Oh by the way! I am SO glad to have a highchair again! It totally sucked not having ours for almost 2 months. It is way easier to feed Lydia at meal times now. She loves food! She loves her snacks and her meals and could probably snack all day along with the meals she eats haha. I love my big momma!
Oh yeah! I have been wanting to blog about this but I figured I would just add it in here! Her hair has been getting longer of course and will probably need a trim in the back at some point b/c she is getting the start of a mullet. Lily's hair grew the same way but I think I waited a little to long to get her first hair cut haha. I cant tell what Lydia's hair is going to do. It looks like its going to curl at the ends which would be so cute! It's not like Lily's b/c hers was stick straight but Lydia has some thickness to her hair and the longer it gets the more and more it looks like its going to curl under. So we shall see what it's going to do.
She has 3 teeth now! She still has her one little tooth that has been slowly growing its way up and 2 more that popped through on the bottom. No top teeth yet but I feel the start of a little bump up there so we will see when they will decide to pop through!
I am sure there are a tun of things I am leaving out but thats what I have off the top of my head right now!
Oh! For her 1st birthday party the theme is going to be ladybugs! I am actually making her invitations and so far they are coming out super cute! I got a lot done on them today. I have been looking online and thinking of all sorts of cute things I can do for her party though and I am so excited! Its going to be lots of fun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Momma's Day!

Yesterday was my 4th Mother's Day! Can you believe that!?
We didn't do anything to big yesterday but it was just right for us!
We went to church, hung around the house and had a nice dinner at home together!
For dinner we made our own personal pizzas! We had bought all the stuff the other day and ever since then Lily has been asking if we could make them together. I figured what a great way to spend special time with my little Lily by making pizzas on Mother's Day!
We had a lot of fun! She did so good and I didn't touch her pizza at all. I gave her a little bowl with sauce in it and a spoon and she spread her sauce so good! Then we got the cheese out which she LOVES! That girl eats shredded cheese like its going out of style but its so messy so I don't ever really give it to her haha. I had to stop her with the cheese though! I seriously wonder how much she would really put on her pizza if I would of never said anything. Then we put the pepperoni on and baked them! They turned out really good and it was fun to make them with Lily!
Here are some pictures of our pizza making!
All in all my Mother's Day was pretty good! I have the most amazing little girls! I am seriously so thankful for them and feel so blessed to be their Mommy! They are my everything and they are the best present I could ever dreamed of. I don't know what I would do without them and I cannot imagine my life without them! I love being a Momma!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My funny face girl!

The many faces of Lydia! All in about 2 min!
Lydia seriously makes the most facial expressions I think I have ever seen on a baby! It is very entertaining I must say! These are only a few of some she does! The first one was from the other day but all the other ones were literally within a couple min of eachother all while Lily was going potty.
I need to snap a picture of her mean mug b/c she can give a mean one!

I told her to say cheese and this is what she gave me! LOVE IT!

Looking at Sissy on the toilet! Yes this is an everyday thing. Lily likes to talk to people when she's on the pot haha

Sweet face

Umm yeah she's mad! I told her NO she could not hold onto the toilet while her sister was going to the bathroom or pull up on the trash can!

Now to top it off!! I call this one her old man with no teeth face!

HAHAHAHAHA!! I seriously cannot help but laugh at this face! It doesn't even look like her to me but I think its hilarious! Lydia cracks me up and I LOVE her funny faces!

Sippy cups and Food!

So I am very proud of my little princess Lydia! She has had a full day of ONLY YES ONLY her sippy cup! WOOHOO! I had tried this a couple weeks ago but she wasn't feelin it! She wasn't drinking to much out of it. I hardly gave her a sippy cup b/c she would just chew on it and not really drink anything. So I gave that up and figured I would try again another time. Plus she was still drinking around a 7oz bottle and I wanted to make sure she was getting enough and wasn't just not drinking it b/c she didn't want it out of a sippy cup. The girl use to drink 8oz bottles but the older she's gotten the less she's been wanting to drink. So the past week or so she has hardly been drinking her formula, she maybe drinks 4-6oz at each bottle. Then yesterday for her mid day bottle she drank maybe an oz or two. So today I decided I would try her sippy cups again! So far it has been a success! She still isn't drinking as much but she is drinking the amount she would out of a bottle in her sippy cup so I am happy with that! Today she was really fussy after she ate some food and I thought ok maybe i'll give her some water and she was totally thirsty and drank some big gulps of water! I mean i'm sure some people would say HELLO she probably wanted water or juice for a while now but she really wouldn't drink out of her cup. At least now she will! So I am hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly to! I figure if she can go a full 2 days with no bottles she doesn't need them anymore! Well I kind of feel like if she can go a whole day without it she really doesn't need it anymore so from today on we will be using sippy cups! I will be very proud of Lydia and myself if we can keep this up! Now the last thing we will have to take away is the binky! Honestly though I will let her have that until she's a little over a year. She seriously LOVES her binky I mean LOVES it! Lily never took a binky or a bottle so all this taking away stuff is a whole new experience. I always figured the bottle would be easier for some reason. Now the binky on the other hand I know its going to be a sad sad day in the Ledbetter house. Well maybe not but who knows at this point haha. I mean she can fall asleep without it b/c she has before. When she tries to play around in her bed and her binky is nowhere to be found b/c she took it out and dropped it out of her bed she has cried herself to sleep which is sad but she really cries hard. One good thing though is that when she is really asleep at night she spits her binky out so she doesn't NEED it to sleep. I think we will be ok though! It might be a ruff day or two but I think Lydia will do great!
So now on to food! Lily is the pickiest eater ever! HMMMM I wonder where she got that from!? Oh yeah ME! I hardly liked anything when I was a kid! I am still a pretty picky eater to this day. I remember sitting at the table and my dad sitting right next to me while I finished my plate. When I finished my milk which I used to try and swallow the gross food he wouldn't give me anything else to drink until I finished my food! I always told myself I wouldn't be the parent to do that but I changed my mind haha! Well today I changed my mind! All Lily wants to eat is hot dogs and chicken nuggets. I mean seriously the girl could eat that for every meal and be completely happy. She also loves all the things that are not healthy like chips, cookies and candy. I wonder who she got that from? Oh yeah me again b/c I pretty much love everything that isn't healthy haha. I am really going to try and eat healthier. Well I cant promise that everything I eat will be healthy haha. I actually don't eat that bad but I want to start making Lily eat what we eat for dinner. Yeah maybe I should of started that a long time ago but what I usually did and I think i'm use to it from when Tyler was gone is I would just make simple small things for me and make Lily something small and simple to. The only thing that is hard with her is that even if I am sure she will like the food she doesn't really like trying new things just by the look of the food. So I practically have to force the food in her mouth and then once she takes a bite and likes it she gives me this smile like she LOVES it haha.
Tonight I made Lily eat her pasta and did NOT give her any other options. I stuck to my guns and she finished what I told her to. I told her from now on she was going to start eating what we eat b/c its healthier for her! I have been looking up different recipes for us to eat and am excited to try them out. Im not going to lie and say i'm excited to cook them b/c honestly I dont LOVE cooking but I am excited to try them haha. Hopefully they all turn out good and I hope me sticking to what I say works out good!