Monday, May 3, 2010

My funny face girl!

The many faces of Lydia! All in about 2 min!
Lydia seriously makes the most facial expressions I think I have ever seen on a baby! It is very entertaining I must say! These are only a few of some she does! The first one was from the other day but all the other ones were literally within a couple min of eachother all while Lily was going potty.
I need to snap a picture of her mean mug b/c she can give a mean one!

I told her to say cheese and this is what she gave me! LOVE IT!

Looking at Sissy on the toilet! Yes this is an everyday thing. Lily likes to talk to people when she's on the pot haha

Sweet face

Umm yeah she's mad! I told her NO she could not hold onto the toilet while her sister was going to the bathroom or pull up on the trash can!

Now to top it off!! I call this one her old man with no teeth face!

HAHAHAHAHA!! I seriously cannot help but laugh at this face! It doesn't even look like her to me but I think its hilarious! Lydia cracks me up and I LOVE her funny faces!

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