Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Momma's Day!

Yesterday was my 4th Mother's Day! Can you believe that!?
We didn't do anything to big yesterday but it was just right for us!
We went to church, hung around the house and had a nice dinner at home together!
For dinner we made our own personal pizzas! We had bought all the stuff the other day and ever since then Lily has been asking if we could make them together. I figured what a great way to spend special time with my little Lily by making pizzas on Mother's Day!
We had a lot of fun! She did so good and I didn't touch her pizza at all. I gave her a little bowl with sauce in it and a spoon and she spread her sauce so good! Then we got the cheese out which she LOVES! That girl eats shredded cheese like its going out of style but its so messy so I don't ever really give it to her haha. I had to stop her with the cheese though! I seriously wonder how much she would really put on her pizza if I would of never said anything. Then we put the pepperoni on and baked them! They turned out really good and it was fun to make them with Lily!
Here are some pictures of our pizza making!
All in all my Mother's Day was pretty good! I have the most amazing little girls! I am seriously so thankful for them and feel so blessed to be their Mommy! They are my everything and they are the best present I could ever dreamed of. I don't know what I would do without them and I cannot imagine my life without them! I love being a Momma!


  1. How fun! Blake and I make pizza all the time! Lily is already so tan! I'm jealous of her beautiful bronzed skin!
    And you look AMAZING! I'm loving how blond you are!!

  2. You're such a good mama. What a fun dinner for Lily to help make!