Monday, May 3, 2010

Sippy cups and Food!

So I am very proud of my little princess Lydia! She has had a full day of ONLY YES ONLY her sippy cup! WOOHOO! I had tried this a couple weeks ago but she wasn't feelin it! She wasn't drinking to much out of it. I hardly gave her a sippy cup b/c she would just chew on it and not really drink anything. So I gave that up and figured I would try again another time. Plus she was still drinking around a 7oz bottle and I wanted to make sure she was getting enough and wasn't just not drinking it b/c she didn't want it out of a sippy cup. The girl use to drink 8oz bottles but the older she's gotten the less she's been wanting to drink. So the past week or so she has hardly been drinking her formula, she maybe drinks 4-6oz at each bottle. Then yesterday for her mid day bottle she drank maybe an oz or two. So today I decided I would try her sippy cups again! So far it has been a success! She still isn't drinking as much but she is drinking the amount she would out of a bottle in her sippy cup so I am happy with that! Today she was really fussy after she ate some food and I thought ok maybe i'll give her some water and she was totally thirsty and drank some big gulps of water! I mean i'm sure some people would say HELLO she probably wanted water or juice for a while now but she really wouldn't drink out of her cup. At least now she will! So I am hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly to! I figure if she can go a full 2 days with no bottles she doesn't need them anymore! Well I kind of feel like if she can go a whole day without it she really doesn't need it anymore so from today on we will be using sippy cups! I will be very proud of Lydia and myself if we can keep this up! Now the last thing we will have to take away is the binky! Honestly though I will let her have that until she's a little over a year. She seriously LOVES her binky I mean LOVES it! Lily never took a binky or a bottle so all this taking away stuff is a whole new experience. I always figured the bottle would be easier for some reason. Now the binky on the other hand I know its going to be a sad sad day in the Ledbetter house. Well maybe not but who knows at this point haha. I mean she can fall asleep without it b/c she has before. When she tries to play around in her bed and her binky is nowhere to be found b/c she took it out and dropped it out of her bed she has cried herself to sleep which is sad but she really cries hard. One good thing though is that when she is really asleep at night she spits her binky out so she doesn't NEED it to sleep. I think we will be ok though! It might be a ruff day or two but I think Lydia will do great!
So now on to food! Lily is the pickiest eater ever! HMMMM I wonder where she got that from!? Oh yeah ME! I hardly liked anything when I was a kid! I am still a pretty picky eater to this day. I remember sitting at the table and my dad sitting right next to me while I finished my plate. When I finished my milk which I used to try and swallow the gross food he wouldn't give me anything else to drink until I finished my food! I always told myself I wouldn't be the parent to do that but I changed my mind haha! Well today I changed my mind! All Lily wants to eat is hot dogs and chicken nuggets. I mean seriously the girl could eat that for every meal and be completely happy. She also loves all the things that are not healthy like chips, cookies and candy. I wonder who she got that from? Oh yeah me again b/c I pretty much love everything that isn't healthy haha. I am really going to try and eat healthier. Well I cant promise that everything I eat will be healthy haha. I actually don't eat that bad but I want to start making Lily eat what we eat for dinner. Yeah maybe I should of started that a long time ago but what I usually did and I think i'm use to it from when Tyler was gone is I would just make simple small things for me and make Lily something small and simple to. The only thing that is hard with her is that even if I am sure she will like the food she doesn't really like trying new things just by the look of the food. So I practically have to force the food in her mouth and then once she takes a bite and likes it she gives me this smile like she LOVES it haha.
Tonight I made Lily eat her pasta and did NOT give her any other options. I stuck to my guns and she finished what I told her to. I told her from now on she was going to start eating what we eat b/c its healthier for her! I have been looking up different recipes for us to eat and am excited to try them out. Im not going to lie and say i'm excited to cook them b/c honestly I dont LOVE cooking but I am excited to try them haha. Hopefully they all turn out good and I hope me sticking to what I say works out good!


  1. I'm definitely on the same page with the want to eat healhty, but having such a sweet/junk food tooth haha. I make a concious effort to cook all of us a healthy dinner at least. Lili doesn't get a ton of candy/chips/cookies yet (unless she's at a friend's house of course lol) so I just give her like, mac and cheese for lunch while I'm eating hot pockets or chips and salsa lol. Breakfast she usually has a banana so there's her fruit. Dinner I make sure there is a vegetable for her, not that she really eats them but she'll get used to them being on her plate and when she's old enough I can pull the "you're not leaving the table until your food is gone" move.

    I just wish junk food was healthy! Life would be better that way haha. :)

  2. Good for you! Yeah, I wouldn't worry about taking away the binky yet, as long as you do it before she's 3 then you're good to go!
    AND good job for helping Lily try new foods! You're not a short order cook and shouldn't have to make two different things for dinner, you know? I bet it could be frustrating or make you feel kinda bad because you remember when you were little, but in the long run it's good! So that she always likes healthy food and doesn't cry at her friends house when she doesn't like what the mom made for dinner... ummm not that I ever did that. Ha ha!