Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 year!

Lydia is 1! AHHHH! I cannot believe that my baby girl is 1!
I know every mom says this but where did the time go!? I remember the day I had her! Just staring at her and how perfect her little face was and trying to figure out who she looked like. She was absolutely perfect! She was so so tiny and thinking about to how tiny she was I never would of thought she would be as big as she is now.
She has the sweetest smile and is such a happy baby! I was always worried that since Lily was such a good baby that my next one would be crazy haha but it was the total opposite of what I thought. She is the best baby and is a laid back sweet baby girl!
I love the way she scrunches up her face and smiles and I love how she scrunches up her nose and breathes air out like she's sniffing like a dog haha.
I could not have been more blessed to have such a wonderful baby girl!
Lydia is eating lots of big people food and loves to try and eat whatever we are eating. If Tyler and I sit down on the couch with something to eat Lydia makes her way to one of us and whines for some. Some of the stuff she can't have but I love that she is eating all sorts of new things. She is totally off formula now! Which I have to admit is pretty nice. Its a lot easier to poor whole milk out of the jug into the sippy cup then making a sippy cup with formula. She has been walking more and more everyday! Its so awesome to see her playing and then all of the sudden stand up on something and start walking! I love it! She is doing so good and I am so proud of her and all the steps she takes. Lily gets excited for her to which I love! The other day Lily said look momma Lydia is walking and then all the sudden I see her coming around the corner from the kitchen!
The morning of her birthday I made the girls pancakes with sprinkles! Lydia was SO hungry by the time I was done and set the plate down in front of her I didn't even have the chance to break them into pieces before she grabbed both of the pancakes and went to town haha. For lunch I made her favorite...Macaroni! She could eat that for every meal if I let her!
Lydia also had her 1 year check up and she is whopping 22 pounds 4oz and 29.5 inches long! She is one big girl! The Dr. looked at her and said I think she is going to be bigger then her sister. Which I wouldn't doubt since Lily is more on the petite side. We will see though. I am happy she is one healthy girl!
On her birthday I switched her car seat from rear facing to forward facing! Some people had said oh i'm sure she would be fine if you switched her car seat now but I am weird like that and didn't want to until the day she turned 1. I did the same thing with Lily. Plus all the stuff you read says age 1 and 20 pounds. So I like to go by the rules. It makes me feel better. I was pretty excited to switch her seat around. She kind of gave me a funny look when I put her in and then Lily got in the car and said oh my goodness Lydia! Your sitting like me!! It was so cute how excited Lily was that she faces the same way as her now. Lydia got excited once she was all strapped in and was kicking her feet all around . Everytime I would peek back at her she would get a big smile on her face!
After her check up we came back home and Tyler was home from work! We all grabbed a cupcake and sang happy birthday to the birthday girl! She wanted that cupcake bad and while we were singing she was trying to grab the cupcake with the lit candle in it! Crazy girl! Once we gave her the cupcake she was all about it! She ate the whole cupcake and loved every bite of it! It was pretty cute watching her eat her very first cupcake! After she was all done we let her "open" her presents. Lily pretty much opened them all for her but either way it was super cute! Lydia was more interested in trying to chew on the wrapped presents. We got her some clothes and every time she would pull a piece out she would put it on her head.
I dont know what it was but when it was time for Lydia's bed time which is usually 7:15 ish I felt bad and didn't want to put her to bed. I wanted her to stay up late on her birthday and I wanted to savor her on her birthday for a little while longer. I did end up putting her to bed about 7:30 b/c she was SO tired. But It was a weird feeling and i'm not really sure how to explain it. I mean I knew she was already 1 but I felt like by me putting her to bed she was REALLY 1 and is just going to get bigger and bigger now! That may sound silly and I know she can't be a baby forever and I totally LOVE all the new things she's doing but I want to savor all the little moments I have with her.
I think her 1st birthday was a success! It was really nice to be able to spend it together as a family! Even though Tyler was gone for her birth I feel really blessed that he was here for her 1st birthday and that he has gotten to see her grow so much!
Lydia is one special little girl! I don't know what it is about little girls but they are the most amazing little things in the whole wide world and I am so lucky to have 2 of them!

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