Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Party!

So Lydia's Birthday Party theme was LADY BUGS! I was really excited to get everything set up and decorated! I wanted to make sure her 1st birthday party was fun for everyone and I think it was! At least I hope it was!
I was very excited for the girls to wear their black and white outfits to match the party and I even made my amazing cooperative husband match the party to! He is such a trooper!
I made the lady bug invitations and I was very proud of myself! They were actually pretty easy and I would totally make home made invitations again.
We had lots of yummy food and snacks and I was really happy and surprised that everything got eaten! I usually always make way to much but I think there was just enough!
We had a lady bug cupcake cake made at the commisary and I thought they did a pretty good job. I really wanted to try and do it myself but I didn't have the time or patience. I was afraid that it would turn out bad so I just thought why not get it made.
We rented a bouncy house for the kids since most of the kids are around Lily's age and I didn't want them to be bored! Well lets me honest another reason was I didn't want all the kids in the house haha. That may sound really mean but I wanted them to be outside in the nice weather and get lots of energy out! And come on who doesn't LOVE a bouncy house! I think most of the adults got in it to. I know I did!
I love that I will be able to look back and remember Lydia's 1st birthday and birthday party were in Hawaii with a beautiful view right behind us!
I think Lydia's first birthday party was a success! The only thing missing was our friends and family from back home!
I still cant believe that my big momma is 1 now!


  1. It looks like you all had a great time! And the invites are way cute!

  2. I LOVE the invitation! It was adorable!