Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nana's tanktop

If you havn't noticed the pictures I post on facebook with Lily in this pink beaded oversized women's tank top and wondered what the deal with it is. Well I am here to explain!
This tank top came from my mother in law. The whole Lily wearing Nana's tank tops or shirts came from when we were getting ready to leave WA from one of our visits and I didn't want to put her in any of her jammies b/c they were all clean and packed so Nana let her wear one of her shirts. Then it went from a shirt to her tank tops! Good thing my mother in law is a small cute little lady(she is only 4' 11'') so her shirts arnt too oversized for Lily. Well one day Lily got to wear one of her pretty tank tops and this was the one that she always wanted to wear!
Well the nice Nana that my girls have let Lily take this tank top with her when we moved out here to HI so she wouldn't be so sad leaving them.
Everyday she would sneak upstairs, get into her suitcase and change into this tank top. I finally had to hide it from her. But she still likes to sneak upstairs and put on the tank top and come down like she is in a ballroom gown and has this glowing/sneaky look with a smile on her face when she puts it on haha. She has really been into night gowns, dresses and of course Nana's tank top these days and if I don't tell her when I hear her going upstairs to not change into one she will! Sometimes it drives me crazy b/c she will be fully dressed and then without me knowing go upstairs and change and then she comes down in whatever one she is feeling like wearing that day.
So that is the story behind the tank top!


  1. Hahaha! I was totally wondering!! But kept forgetting to ask!

  2. I never even realized that her shirt was to big, well at least not until you just mentioned it! Wow your mother in law is very tiny because her shirt is really not too big on Lily. Wow, that's a really cute story though. Glad you shared!