Monday, June 21, 2010


So little miss Lydia decided that she was going to get into the pantry and eat Oreos.
Tyler and I were upstairs for a min and when Tyler made his way down he yelled that Lydia had gotten into something. I of course freak out and yell what and he just tells me to come downstairs. I am totally thinking she got into something bad or that she was splashing in the toilet. When I make my way downstairs she was chowing down on some good ol oreos. She had an oreo mess all on her hands and face and was sitting in crumbs having a blast! We have no idea how she got them. The little plastic thing they come in was nowhere to be found and the little packs they come would of been way to hard to open herself. We asked Lily if she opened it for her and she said no. So my guess is Lily had opened one earlier today when she wasn't suppose to and left it in there and when Lydia saw the open pantry she of course went for the food b/c lets be honest I have a little porker that loves food haha. She had never eaten an oreo before and I hope now that every time she sees them she doesn't whine for them b/c she LOVED them and was still trying to pick up crumbs while I was cleaning them up.

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  1. I love the first pic where she is like, "Crud, I am busted!" This game me a good laugh for the day! :)