Friday, June 18, 2010


Lily and I got our toes done yesterday and I have to say they turned out super cute!
I decided I needed a pedicure and it would be fun for us girls to get our toes done. Plus I wanted Lily to feel special and have pretty toes! Also b/c of Lydia's birthday and birthday party I didn't want her to feel left out. So I wanted to do something special for her.

This picture makes me laugh b/c of how white me feet are and how dang tan Lily's are!

Lydia gets to get her toes painted for the first time by me for her lady bug party but that cant happen until she is sleeping so she wont mess them up! She gets to have pretty red toes! Im excited to see her cute little piggies painted!


  1. Super cute! Where did you get your toes done? My friend lives on base and she usually comes down here when we get manis and pedis (she works on the Pearl Harbor side of the island) but I am thinking it's time for us to find a place in Kaneohe/Kailua so we can switch back and forth!

  2. cute cute:)your such an amazing mother!!!

  3. Stephanie! Its called T&T Nail Salon. Its on the kamehameha hwy in Kaneohe. A few of my girlfriends out here go to them and they always had the cutest toes and I tried it out and loved it! You should totally check it out.