Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well not full on walking yet but Lydia has taken more steps the past couple days then she ever has! I am so proud of her! She loves it when we all get excited for her! She is such a big girl and I cant believe on Friday she will be 1! Where has the time gone!?!?
Tyler has duty on Lydia's birthday which is pretty sucky but at least he will get to wake up and tell her Happy Birthday and he will get to come home for a little while during the day. I am going to wait to give her a cupcake until he is home to see it! I am very thankful though that he will be here for her party! Even though he missed her birth I am very thankful and happy he has been here for a lot of her firsts!
We are having her birthday party on Saturday and it is going to be lady bug themed! I made lady bug invitations which I am pretty proud of and I am excited to get everything decorated! I of course think I am more excited then Lydia is but I don't care b/c her birthday party will be fun no matter what!
I will blog all about her birthday party and take pictures of all the fun things we do! Even though Lydia probably wont remember her 1st birthday party I really want to remember it and want to make sure its great!

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