Saturday, July 31, 2010

More curls

So pretty little Lydia's hair is totally curling these days. Its not a full on head of curly hair but the longer its getting the more it is starting to curl and I think its SO cute! Lily had and still does have stick straight hair so I think its fun that the girls have different textured hair. Lily's straight hair was like mine was when I was a kid. Yes I know surprisingly she did get some traits from me or should I say 1. Oh wait her toes are mine so that makes 2! I know Lily looks like Tyler and I know she is the mini girl version of Tyler but sometimes I forget how much she looks like him.
I don't know if its just me but I think this face looks just like Tyler.

Now I am not sure which part of the family these curls come from but it could be from either side. My sister has such pretty naturally curly hair so maybe from Auntie Nini or it could come from Tyler. When he was a baby he had some luscious curls on that cute mullet he had going on or it could be from my mother in law who has naturally curly hair too. Who knows I just think it's cute and I am wondering what it will look like the longer her hair gets and the older she gets.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. You can see the curls better if you do.

Friday, July 30, 2010

15 weeks

So I am 15 weeks pregnant today! On one hand I feel like I have known FOREVER b/c I found out when I was a little over 3 weeks which seems SO early to find out but on the other hand I feel like this pregnancy is going by pretty fast.
I am feeling great! Just like my pregnancies with the girls! So who knows what I am having! Some days I think boy and some days I think girl. I will be so excited to find out what we are having. Everyone keeps saying I hope you have a boy or i'll pray that you have a boy but honestly I would LOVE 3 girls! I seriously LOVE having my girls! But to be REALLY honest I just want a healthy baby! Boy or girl is fine with me as long as the sweet little baby is healthy. After everything that happened with having surgery to get my appendix out when I was 10 weeks pregnant and everything turning out to be ok with the baby has made me feel SO thankful!
I don't really have a "belly" yet but I am getting thicker in the belly so I guess you consider it a belly since it is growing haha. Oh and the boobs have gotten bigger! BLAH! Anyone who knows me good knows I hate having bigger boobs. At least its only temporary b/c I know after I have the baby they will be flat flat flat.
SOOO I LOVE FOOD! I have been trying to eat good which is really hard since I like to be lazy sometimes and not make dinner and eat bad. We have been doing ok but I need to put in more a little more effort. I don't want to gain to much weight! I have been good and have gained about 5 pounds so far maybe 6 by today, I had a lot of ice cream tonight or maybe 7,8,9 or 10. Because the other day I ate like pure crap and weighed myself in the morning and then again at night. Oh that was a terrible idea! Don't do that! I am being serious it might put you in a slight state of depression. I don't know what I was thinking b/c somehow I gained 5 pounds in one day. When I eat salty stuff it makes me bloated though and once I sweat a little it gets it out and I am back to my normal weight haha.
Anyways! Here are a few pictures!

If you enlarge the picture you can kind of see one of my scars from getting my appendix out by my fingers.
Oh and please don't mind the line across my upper belly. It's one of those lovely lines you get when your sitting down.

15 weeks!

15 weeks!