Monday, August 9, 2010

Felt the flutter

So a couple days ago I thought I might have felt the baby move but I wasn't sure. I felt both the girls really early, even before 16 weeks. Well Friday night I was sitting down and really paying attention and I totally felt the flutter! And I have felt it every day since! It's a pretty awesome feeling knowing that it's the baby moving!
All it feels like right now is just a tiny flick but I am excited for the baby to get bigger and for Tyler and I to be able to see and feel from the outside.
I am REALLY excited that Tyler will get to see and feel my belly when I am REALLY big and pregnant. He was deployed when I was around 30 weeks with each of the girls so thats all he felt up to. I am excited for him to watch and feel my belly when it moves in crazy ways and all you girls that have been pregnant you know how crazy your belly can move haha.


  1. That is really neat Lindsey! Do you know if tyler is going to be home for this birth? I hope so, that will be an extremly special moment for your family!