Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lily had her first day of preschool on base this past Tuesday! She was very excited to go and I was very excited to drop her off. Not b/c I want a break from her but b/c I know how smart she is and how bored she has been at home all day. The girl needs to be stimulated! The only way I can explain Lily is well she's just Lily! She never stops talking, she is very emotional, she gets an attitude and I promise once you meet her you will be able to tell her scream/cry out of any of the other kids haha. I LOVE LILY! She is something else sometimes but she's Lily and I love her!
The teacher said she did really good at school and that she was very friendly which I expected b/c she is so good at playing with other kids. She is not shy at all and can play with anyone. Right when I dropped her off she walked in, sat down next to another little girl and started coloring. I was like ummm ok! See you later!? The only not so good thing was she told the teacher she was getting sleepy towards the end and that she was hungry. They had peaches and cottage cheese for a snack which I guess was not a hit for any of the kids. Since her school is from 1-5pm I figured by the time I picked her up she would be a little tired and hungry since we eat dinner shortly after that. Today I need to put in a transfer for her to try and get her into the morning preschool. They have such a long waiting list that we took what we could and they told us once we got in to put in for a transfer since the wait when your already going there isnt as long. So hopefully the wait isnt to bad.

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