Sunday, October 24, 2010

Name Game

So a lot of people have asked me if we have a name picked out or if I am going to go with another L name. I figured I mine as well just blog about it.
We do have a few names in mind and are always open to other names but as for a for sure set name we don't. To be totally honest if we did I probably wouldn't post it.

My reasons:
I like to change my mind a lot these days
What if I say the name and then decide I don't want to use it and then everyone thinks thats what her name is.
I want to use it later and I don't want anyone else to use it
I don't want to hear any negative comments or facial expressions

When I was pregnant with Lily we had her name picked out before we knew she was a girl and we never changed our minds. I loved her name and that was that. Sometimes I wonder how I was so for sure. I do have to say I love Lily's name and I am glad that I picked it. The only downfall is that there are SO many Lily's now. When I was pregnant with her I didn't know any and now there are a tun. Either way I think her name is pretty and oh well if there are a lot. She is my Lily and I love her! With Lydia we actually had a name picked out for a while but it was a little different and I didn't want to tell anyone b/c I didn't want to hear anything negative about it and I didn't want anyone to steal it. As some time went by I started to not love the name so much and we had to start all over again which was a little hard b/c Tyler was deployed to Afghanistan. I would try to find names when I was hanging out with my sister(who is my totally honest name opinion giver) or I would email Tyler and ask what he thought of differnt names. This went on forever until a few weeks before I had Lydia. We had 2 names picked out and I figured I would take those to the hospital with me and decide when I had her and talked to Tyler. Lydia has been mentioned after we found out we had a girl but I think we both kind of forgot about it until later. Once I was actually in the hospital Tyler called me and he was so sweet and excited and told me I could name her whatever I wanted. We both pretty much decided that Lydia was going to be her name. Plus Tyler and I both thought that giving her the same initals as Lily and I would just go. So that is how Lydia became Lydia and I absolutely love her name! I wanted to make sure that we chose a not so common name this time around. After I had her when I would tell people what her name was they would either say "oh thats a cute name" or just "oohhh." I honestly don't care if anyone likes it or not. Tyler and I love it and thats all that matters!
Now when we found out we were pregnant this time I had went back and fourth on going with another L name. Some days I would think I really should go with an L and other days I would think if we find a name we love and it's not an L oh well. I am back to pretty much going to go with another L name. Tyler thinks all the girls should have the same initials too. My sister and I were looking at L names the other day and we actually found a couple more to add to list. Tyler approved of 1 so far lol but I have to say it's a pretty cute one! I am excited that I have some more options now. I feel like the more kids you have the harder it is to pick a name. Especially when you limit yourself to only and L.
The one thing I will say for sure though is that her middle name is going to be Merriann. That is Tyler's grandmas name who passed away and it's really important to him to use it. Once we knew that was going to be her middle name it kind of helped us decided that since the middle name was going to be another M we should probably go with LML initials. So as of right now that is that on the name buisness.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lydia's first trim!

So my little Lydia got her first trim yesterday! I noticed that in Hawaii where it is a lot more humid Lydia's hair has a lot more bounce to it. Once we got on the plane and being here in CA her hair hasn't been as curly as it is in hawaii. The past week of being here I have really started to notice how long her hair was getting in the back and it was def looking like she needed a trim in the very near future. Both my girls were blessed with their hair deciding that it should grow longer in the back. So I knew this day would come haha.

I told myself that when it started to look a little mullety I would for sure trim it! I waited a little to long with Lily. I think it was b/c she was my first and I was so afraid someone was going to mess her hair up and I guess the mommyness of oh my baby is so cute no matter what her hair looks like was in full gear so I didn't fully notice until Tyler and my sister told me it was time. Once I took Lily to get a trim I wondered why the heck I waited so dang long to do it. It looked WAY better and so much healthier! It was like an even cuter version of my already super cute Lily!

So anyways back to Lydia! She is of course beautiful and I LOVE her hair and how different it is from Lily's. I love having one pretty little girl with super straight hair and another pretty little girl with curls at the end of her hair! I thought Lydia's hair might not need a trim for a while since of the curls but yesterday I was looking at it and said "Cole I think we should trim Lydia's hair, It's getting a little long in the back." My very truthful sister said she thought the same thing so after bath time my sister gave her a little trim! Looking at it this morning we thought a little more needed to be trimmed so thats what we did and it looks SO much better! I LOVE IT! Just like after her big sisters first trim she is a new improved and even cuter version on herself!! Some people may not be able to tell a difference b/c we didn't cut a tun but I am so glad with how it turned out. It was just enough off the back to even it out with the front!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sissy Love & Space A!

I have missed my sister SO much! We went from living on the same base less then 10 min away from eachother for a year to me moving across the ocean to HI! It has been 7 months since I have seen her which I know isn't a rediculous amout of time to go without seeing someone but when you are so use to having your sister around it pretty much blows. Everything is so much easier when you have a sister around! I am SO lucky that we are so close and that we actually like to hang out. I missed my sweet little nieces too! It's been awesome having all us girls in the house just hanging out!
Tyler is doing some training on The Big Island for 3 weeks(they arnt allowed to shoot artillery on Oahu) I figured since he was going to be gone I mine as well try and visit my sister. Plus my brother in law is still in Afghanistan so I figured these last few weeks before he gets home would totally help the time go by for her!
Flying Space A wasn't as difficult of a process as I thought it would be but there are details and things you need to do before you can get on one. You can't just go and say ok I am ready to get on a flight and actually get on it. We flew out of an Air Force base about 30 min from the base we are on. We flew on a military plane which I was little nervous about. I was hoping the girls would do good and it turned out even easier then I would of thought! They gave us all ear plugs to wear since the plane is pretty dang loud. We sat along the sides of the plane and the whole middle of the plane was an open area. They told us that when we got to cruising altitude that our kids could run around, we could walk around, sit, lay down and just hang out. So thats what we did. Lily made a friend and hung out with her the whole flight. They shared snacks and watched movies on Lily's dvd player. The little girls dad even brought a pool floaty and blew it up so the girls could lay comforably on the ground. Lydia and I walked up and down the plane and both girls took great naps! It was seriously the most stress free plane ride I have ever gone on with kids. You didn't have to worry about bothering anyone with noise b/c the plane is so loud no one could really hear you. You didnt have to worry about kicking someones seat or your kid pulling or messing with the seat in front of you. You could walk around freely. It was awesome! I will totally try to fly this way whenever we can. Plus one of the best parts about it was it was FREE!! When in the world can you fly from HI to CA for free? I am seriously so thankful and greatful that we got on the flight and that everything worked out great! These are awesome perks of being a military spouse and I am so thankful that I have the ability to use and do these kind of things! I am going to try to head back to HI in about a week and I am really hoping that going back is as easy as getting here was. I have heard that it can be a little more difficult but I am going to think positive and hopefully it will work out great!
OH! Another awesome thing about us coming out here is last min my mom decided that since we were all going to be out here that she was going to fly here too! She gets in on Friday and we are all super excited for Omi to make her way tot 29! It will be a house full or girls and I am going to love every min of it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Skinny Jeans!

So today I did some shopping at the outlets ALONE! Yes I said alone! Tyler watched the girls for me and it was a pretty peaceful shopping trip. You would think that I wouldn't take as long without the girls but I actually think I took longer then I would of if they would have been with me. When I don't have the girls with me I kind of have a feeling like I don't know what to do with my hands. When I say or think that it totally reminds me of Talladega Nights. If you have seen it then you know what I am talking about.
Well anyways, after I did some shopping at the Carter's outlet and got each of the girls something I went to Motherhood Maternity and found some maternity skinny jeans! Which by the way are SUPER cute and made by Heidi Klum! She makes some cute stuff for them! They don't have a big panel which is really nice and they are so comfortable.
Lets just say I am excited about baby clothes and maternity skinny jeans!