Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lydia's first trim!

So my little Lydia got her first trim yesterday! I noticed that in Hawaii where it is a lot more humid Lydia's hair has a lot more bounce to it. Once we got on the plane and being here in CA her hair hasn't been as curly as it is in hawaii. The past week of being here I have really started to notice how long her hair was getting in the back and it was def looking like she needed a trim in the very near future. Both my girls were blessed with their hair deciding that it should grow longer in the back. So I knew this day would come haha.

I told myself that when it started to look a little mullety I would for sure trim it! I waited a little to long with Lily. I think it was b/c she was my first and I was so afraid someone was going to mess her hair up and I guess the mommyness of oh my baby is so cute no matter what her hair looks like was in full gear so I didn't fully notice until Tyler and my sister told me it was time. Once I took Lily to get a trim I wondered why the heck I waited so dang long to do it. It looked WAY better and so much healthier! It was like an even cuter version of my already super cute Lily!

So anyways back to Lydia! She is of course beautiful and I LOVE her hair and how different it is from Lily's. I love having one pretty little girl with super straight hair and another pretty little girl with curls at the end of her hair! I thought Lydia's hair might not need a trim for a while since of the curls but yesterday I was looking at it and said "Cole I think we should trim Lydia's hair, It's getting a little long in the back." My very truthful sister said she thought the same thing so after bath time my sister gave her a little trim! Looking at it this morning we thought a little more needed to be trimmed so thats what we did and it looks SO much better! I LOVE IT! Just like after her big sisters first trim she is a new improved and even cuter version on herself!! Some people may not be able to tell a difference b/c we didn't cut a tun but I am so glad with how it turned out. It was just enough off the back to even it out with the front!


  1. Dang, I must say, I did a good job lol. She is just the cutest! With or without a trim :) Love her!

  2. Good job Nicole! I love it!
    Good for you Linds for taking care of your girls hair! You're setting a good example for other moms, just because you have a girl doesn't mean you never cut their hair! Everyone needs an honest sister!
    Lydia's hair color is so dark and pretty but it looks like there's almost a red tint to it, so pretty!

  3. Lilian definitely had the mullet going on. We had my aunt give her the first trim while we were visiting. I was so excited, the mullet was driving me crazy lol. You can't really tell too much with her either because she has the curls too. But at least us Momma's know our girls aren't mullet heads even if others can't tell. :)