Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree!

Here are some pictures of us putting up the Christmas tree and the finished product! It was pretty exciting figuring out what and how we were going to decorate it this year since this is our first Christmas alone and we had to buy everything and do it ourselves!
I really like how it turned out! We are still waiting for some last min ornaments from my in laws since we had left some at their house that we had gotten over the years. So I am excited for it to be all complete!
I especially like our red, white, and blue lights! I thought it was a fun patriotic touch! Tyler said he will put the lights up on the house today which I am very excited about!!
I want to make sure and always have a good decorated house around Christmas time for the girls!
This Christmas is bittersweet! We are really excited to have our first Christmas by ourselves but also sad b/c we will be away from family. We probably would of went home this year but since I will be almost 37 weeks the week of Christmas I am not safe to fly lol.


  1. Love the red, white and blue! So creative! Last year we got our first tree and I felt like... a grown up! Haha. I think having kids makes you really want to be festive!