Sunday, November 14, 2010

Over a year!

Just wanted to take a second and say how thankful I am that Tyler has actually hit the year mark of being home from Afghanistan! Out of his 5 years in the Marine Corps the longest Tyler has been home between deployments was first 9 months then 11 months. So I am very happy to say that we have hit the over the year mark! Yay for actually having my husband home for over a year!

This picture was taken last November when Tyler returned home from Afghanistan and met Lydia for the first time! Our family became complete!


  1. Its so nice when they are home for long periods of time :)

  2. Yes it really is! I am not looking forward to deployment #4 coming up but at least we will have had more time with him between deployments this time!

  3. He was SO skinny!!! Lydia was such a little bundle... aww makes me extra excited for your next baby girl!
    Blake and I just celebrated a year of him being out of the Marines (and the first year we were actually together), the Marines really ask a lot, with so many deployments! It takes a strong commitment to be ready for that! So proud of you and Tyler!