Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick thought for the night!

Quick thought: Don't you just love the part of pregnancy when you sneeze and you piddle on yourself just a little bit?
I say thank goodness for panty liners!


  1. LOL!!! It's all good girl, I totally peed on myself when I was pregnant too!

  2. oh man i got food poisoning twice in my third trimester and let me tell you what, when you throw up that hard you pee a lot more than a piddle. hahaha i wore the "overnight" pads and still had to change them after each time i threw up. finally i gave up and just sat on the toilet and held a trash can in my lap lmao. it was horrible! however i dont miss the piddles that much either :)

  3. HAHA! Brittany that made me laugh and feel so sad for you at the same time! I couldn't imagine having food poisoning being pregnant! I always feel so bad for people that get sick like that during their pregnancies! That must have been terrible and somewhat annoying peeing on yourself repeatedly.