Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going to think positive!

I am proud of myself for only gaining 1 pound in 4 weeks! Not sure how I did it but I am glad! I am 1 pound away from hitting the 20 pound mark and I hope I only gain 24 like I did with Lydia. I seem to be doing pretty good which I am excited about! I guess since I gained so much with Lily(65 pounds) and did so good with Lydia I am hoping to do just as good this time around!
If I think about it, even if I do gain 1 pound per week until this little princess comes I will be ok.
Just so you all know I WILL be having this baby a little early. Yes, some people say oh what if you don't and blah blah blah. Well that is just not going to happen.
Tyler was deployed and gone for both of the girls births and I don't want him gone for this baby. He is suppose to leave for a month long training on the 12th and I am due on the 2oth. So I am going to have a nice little chat with my awesome provider I have been seeing and see if they can do something to help me out. I had Lily 5 days early and Lydia 11 days early so I am hoping that this little girl is just like her sisters and comes a little early. I got my membranes stripped with Lydia and was admitted to the hospital that night so I am hoping that something like that happens this time. I know that every pregnancy is different though.
I know this may sound silly but I just have a good feeling that everything is going to work out just perfect.


  1. I will send you good vibes! I will be like "Listen little baby girl, you come out there and meet your daddy!" Btw, it's ridiculous Tyler has to train when he's already been on 3 deployments! And everyone says mojave viper is a waste! And by everyone I mean Blake. But you're right, lets just think positive that she will come two weeks early! I wonder how Tyler will be seeing you in labor! He'll probably be his charming self, making friends with all the nurses! Getting them to bring him food! Haha. I really think third times a charm and you're going to have him with you! Love you!

  2. I too will be sending you good vibes! That almost brought happy tears to my eyes at the thought that he might actually get to be there this time!