Monday, December 6, 2010

Emotional much!?

So I know I am pregnant and I am entitled to have my over emotional days but lately I have been emotional about the silliest things!
First one was when I was 5 minutes late to my Dr. Apt. Yes I was 5 minutes late but they have NO good parking and I have to park on a hill and the trek down it with the stroller. I have to say I can make record time though! Either way, yes I was 5 minutes late but when I got there I gave her my ID and then she got up to do something which I wasn't sure what but then was gone for almost 10 minutes. Another women comes up to the window and said oh she is checking to see if the doctor can still see you since your apt is only set for 15 min and you were late. I said so b/c I was only a few min late and I have been waiting here for 10 min they are still waiting to see if I an get seen? I just figured if she would of checked me in right when I got there then it would of been fine. Anyways long story short they said that he could still see me but instead it was going to be for 30 minutes later. I of course said I would take it but for whatever reason I was so flustered and went to the bathroom and cried a little. Kind of pathetic huh!? I pulled myself together and waited to get seen and everything was fine. If it would of been my normal provider I think I would of felt more comfortable b/c I love her but she was out for whatever reason and I had to see this random guy who was a little awkward. I am just glad that I will get to see my normal provider at my next appt b/c like I said I love her.
So my other emotional pregnant day: Tyler and I decided pizza was a great idea on Friday night so thats what we ordered. I like to order it and go pick it up since it is close and faster. So we call in and I wait about 5-10 and then head to pizza hut. I sit and sit and sit and sit and when people continue to get their pizza and I don't I look at the lady and I am sure she was catching my drift by my annoyed look and I asked her if she knew about my pizza. She went back to check then I wait for a few more minutes and then some more minutes go by and I finally get my pizza. Instead of waiting there a few min like I thought I would it turned into 30-40 min. I totally wanted to cry after waiting at pizza hut but I held it together b/c I really didn't want to be the pregnant girl in pizza hut crying lol. Now if any of you know me well enough you know I LOVE my food. And I also had a sad experience with pizza when I was pregnant with Lily. I ordered pizza and jojo's from smokeys (the best pizza place from back home) and they said it would be an hour which I was ok with but then they took and hour and a half and I was so hungry waiting for it, I cried. I was so upset that my pizza took a long time that I totally cried. Yes overly emotion hungry pregnant women right here!
Then today: I put Lydia down for a little later of a nap then I would of liked but I figured she was pretty tired from our busy morning of running around and we even took her to the park. She got up a few times out of bed which I can usually expect at nap time since she thinks she is going to miss out on something. Night time she is great but nap time sometimes she will get up anywhere from 2 times and other days it will be 10! Well today I can't even count how many times she got up and I was getting so frustrated. I kept grabbing her and putting her back in her bed telling her to go night night and then after a while just putting her right back in her bed with out talking to her at all. It was kind of draining because she thought it was funny every time she heard me coming I could hear her little feet pitter patter and she would climb back in her bed with a smile on her face and a giggle out of her mouth. Now yes thinking about it know it makes me want to smile but at that point in time it wasn't so funny. After her getting up multiple times I decided to sit in her room on the floor and see if that would help...but it didn't. She kept talking to herself and making noises. I decided that me sitting in her room was not helping so I left the room. After the some odd teenth time I raised my voice, told her no no night night time and grabbed her and put her right back in her bed. I left the room again and I felt bad and was totally feeling like a bad mom and thought to myself, I hope that she doesn't do this when the baby comes and I just really want her to take a nap! I then proceded to have a meltdown at the top of the stairs. I prayed for patience and that she would go to sleep. I let myself calm down and then I went in her room, grabbed her and layed with her in her new twin bed we have in her room now and she was out in less then 5 min. I don't know if she just wanted mommy time or if she wanted to lay in her big girl bed but either way I was so glad that she took a nap and that I could just sit and take a deep breath knowing she was sleeping.
My emotionalness hasn't been terrible this pregnancy but I have my days and thought I should blog about them. I am so glad that I can laugh about them later and sit here and think all though I may have my emotional days I have an awesome life with an awesome family and I cannot wait to add another little girl to our family!

I took this picture a few months back but I thought it was fitting for this blog!


  1. The CrAzZyYy Ledbetters! I love that picture!
    Such a good post, so honest! I wanted to hug you while I read it! But it's ok, you're perfectly normal! I wasn't as emotional while I was pregnant but Lordy I was a mess a few times after Ferris was born, a tad irrational...
    Anyway, it's nice to hear that Lindsey Marie Ledbetter DOES get overwhelmed/emotional because I swear you are like Super Mom and Super Wife and can do everything! Keep a clean house, clean kids, dress cute, and keep your hair highlighted and exercise! Haha really though!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that family picture! Its so fun!! :) But as Roxanne said, you are like Super Mom/Wife and I can just see that from your pictures and your blogs/FB updates, I can't imagine how it seems to those close to you! I was never that emotional during my pregnancy, but I think all of us women are entitled to at least a few. All the things we do and go through while pregnant, we deserve some way to release it all!

  3. Thank you girls! You made me smile and made me feel good with all the nice stuff you said! Most days I feel like I have it together but I think just like every other person I have to remember I am a normal person and there will be days like this haha. Every women pregnant or not deserves days like these sometimes lol.
    Thanks again!