Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sgt. Claus and little black box!

My awesome husband was an even sneakier husband this year! Since there really wasn't much that I wanted this Christmas I told Tyler that I wanted a pair of shoes, to get my hair done and to get a pedicure. I got my glitter TOMS which are super cute and I am getting my hair and toes done next week! (I want to make sure and get my hair done before the baby comes so I don't feel frumpy with ugly roots after I have the baby and I want pretty toes when I go into labor) Yes I know that is silly but it's just one more thing to do before the baby gets here and it will make me feel good!
I wasn't really expecting any presents under the tree from Tyler besides my TOMS and that was totally ok with me! Well last night I found out that I was getting one more present under the tree. I thought Tyler was trying to be sneaky and snoop to try to see one of his presents so I got on him and asked him what he was doing. He was trying to move fast with a smile on his face so I thought for sure he was snooping! My attitude got a little worse with him(I blame it on the pregnant hormones lol) and asked him again what he was doing. He walks up to me and says you really want to know what I was doing? He then pulls out a small wrapped box that was hidden in his pants. I of course have no idea what he could of got me. I didn't ask to much about it though because I didn't want to ruin it for myself.
So this morning after we let the girls open up their presents(I am going to do a little blog about them next) I opened up my last little present that was marked to: Lindsey from: Sgt Claus. So cute huh!?
I opened it up and though maybe it was earrings because I didn't really know what else he would of gotten me that would fit in a small box like that. When I opened it up I was totally shocked! Tyler got me a beautiful full carat diamond for my ring!! It is so beautiful and I totally cried a little! First I couldn't believe that he got it for me! We had talked about at some point eventually getting my a bigger diamond but I in no way would of ever thought now! Second I wondered how the heck he pulled this off!! I seriously could not believe that he actually got that for me! I still kind of cant haha!
I will let you know how he pulled this off! Which by the way he did a great job at since he isn't that good at keeping secrets!
This is how it went down:
Tyler called his dad and told him that he wanted to get me a bigger diamond for my ring and was seeing if there was any way he could help him out so I wouldn't have any idea about it. Being the sweet man my father in law is he of course helped him out! They called this operation carat! Totally cute right!? My father in law went on the hunt for the perfect one and with the final say from Nana Connie they found the perfect one! They sent it to Tyler and I actually signed for the package when it got delivered. Thankfully I didn't open the box for whatever reason. I didn't have any suspicion that it was something like that for me though. I called Tyler and let him know that he got a package and he said "oh good! The knife that my dad got for Manny came"(Manny is Tyler's good friend from work). Tyler, his dad and brother all have the same pocket knife and he made me think that his dad just ordered one for Manny too. I of course believed this. Tyler also asked me what size my finger was b/c Manny was thinking about getting his girlfriend a ring and wanted to see what size my fingers were since she has small hands too. I still had no idea. Now thinking back it makes sense but at the time I had no clue.
I seriously cannot get over that he actually got me a new, beautiful, sparkly, bigger diamond! It is so beautiful and I cannot wait to get it set in my ring! With the help of my in laws for finding the perfect diamond and Tyler's sneaky behavior I got one of the best presents ever!! I am so thankful for my amazing husband! He was so sweet to think of doing this for me and it makes me feel so special hearing him say that I really deserve it! He said that with everything we have been through he wanted me to have this!
This amazing present is not only for Christmas but for our anniversary. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is on Monday the 27th! I have to say, this was one amazing Christmas and anniversary present! Thank you my love!! You are a great husband, daddy and provider for this family!


  1. Woooowwwwweeeeeee!!! Bling BLING! it's going to look great on your ring!! Happy Anniversary Ledbetters!! Post a picture of it in your ring!

    PS I love that you wanted a pedicure for Christmas so your toes look good during delivery!