Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade from the Heart!

So I pretty much have the bestest best friend ever and her mom is just awesome!
I got my other package today from them and lets just say I was SO excited to get it and I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!
While we were home in August I wanted to make sure and hit up the fabric store with Roxanne and Marilynn so we could pick out some fabric for a crib blanket which turned into finding fabric for a regular baby blanket, crib blanket and pillow cases for Lydia. It was so much fun going shopping for fabric! We literally closed the place down! I am so happy we all got to go together. It helped a lot to have Roxanne and Marilynn with me to give their honest opinion about weather or not some of the fabrics went with the other ones and which ones looked best. I remember telling Roxanne and her mom that I wanted people to look at the blanket and totally want it. Plus I love it even more because I picked out that fabric. Some people may not like my fabric choices but I LOVE them and thats all that matters. I wanted this little baby to have funky bright colors so I could do lots of different things in her room! I cannot get over how cute it all turned out!
Marilynn does an awesome job at sewing and I am so thankful that she was willing to do this for me! I love how everything came together!
Oh and Roxanne decided since there was a lot of left over fabric that she would sew some of it on burp rags for me and they are so dang cute!! I will gladly wipe up the spit up with them b/c I love them that much haha. They are the cutest things ever!
Each new baby thing I get makes it all so real that I am really going to have another little girl soon!
Here are some picture of my awesome stuff that I am in love with! Did I say how much I love it!?!?

Super cute burp rags!
Pillow cases!
Front of baby blanket
Back of baby blanket!
Last but definitely not least! The cutest crib blanket!

These pictures don't do all of these beautiful baby things justice! They are even cuter and cuddlier in person!

Thanks again Roxanne and Marilynn for helping me and making this awesome stuff for us! I love you guys and I am one lucky girl to have such special people in my life!

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  1. You're so welcome! I love seeing it all together... I'm really glad you like the burp rags, I know their different than the kind your mom made you, so I was hoping you'd like them. I loved having cute ones for Ferris, a lot of people commented on them. Now I bet you REALLY can't wait to move and decorate the nursery! Enjoy all of your bright, beautiful, pink, flowery, adorable baby goodies!