Monday, January 24, 2011

Being crafty with Omi!

So instead of my mom sending me my Christmas present we decided that when she came out here to visit when I had the baby that she would get me my Christmas present then. Well I had my sweet baby Liv and my mom actually made it out here 2 days after she was born! YAY for Omi being able to visit!! I missed my momma a lot!
The day after she got here she made the drive to Walmart by herself and got my present! A SEWING MACHINE! YAY!! I always randomly ask her to make me things and she finally said to me "Lindsey do you just want me to buy you your own?" My first thought was no I just want you to make things for me haha but then I thought I totally want one!! She said she would help me when she came out here and we would do some easy things to start out with.
We started out with burp rags because homemade baby burp rags are my all time favorite when you have a baby and I recommend anyone that is having or has a new baby to make them for yourself if you know how to or have someone you know make them! They are bigger, thicker and way cuter when you pick out your own fabric! You can make them as big or as small as you want and it makes you love them even more because you picked the fabric out yourself. The first night my mom was showing me how to do them I made 1 on my own and did a pretty good job! The next morning I used the super cute fabric my mom bought and made 5 burp rags all by myself! I was on a role and totally proud of myself!
We got pretty crafty while my mom was here and we had a night of tie dying! We made all of the girls tie dye shirts and they turned out pretty dang cute! Tyler even tie dyed a pair of his underwear and a shirt!
Yesterday we had good teamwork and worked on a little diaper and wipe holder together and it turned out SO cute! Also we made the cutest hooded towel!! I had the idea that I really wanted to put fabric around the hood and it seemed a little overwhelming at first but it turned out SO SO cute! I seriously LOVE it! I did pretty much everything on the towel myself minus my mom sewed a little bit of it but I did all the sewing of the fabric around the hood and attaching the hood onto the towel. My mom did the finishing touches and went over some of it so it was extra secure.
I am so happy that I have my own sewing machine now and I am really looking forward to all the things I can do with it! I am still learning and not exactly sure how to do everything but it will be fun to learn and keep myself busy with that! I am excited to make super cute things for the girls!
A big thank you to my momma for the sewing machine and for being an awesome crafty momma! She even stayed up past her bedtime on her las night here to make Liv's crib sheet for her!
I am so sad that my mom is back home in Vancouver now but was so glad that she was able to come out here to see her newest grandbaby Liv and help me out with the girls! She is the best momma and I am so thankful for her!

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  1. Everything looks great! I love the bright colors! I'm proud of you!