Monday, January 3, 2011

The end is nearing!

The end is coming! I have definitely been feeling pregnant this last week. Today I am 37 weeks and 4 days. Not that I am super uncomfortable but here are some reasons:
My stomach has been pretty sensitive which happened with Lydia a little before I had her.
I have been wanting to eat everything but haven't been eating as much because I get full faster
I have been totally needing to take little naps
I have been cleaning the most random stuff!
I washed some of the babies things but I need to wash all of her clothes soon! I want them to be as fresh smelling as they can be! I love the smell of dreft and baby things! Now I just need the sweet smelling baby so I can smell that baby smell! I am so excited for Tyler to smell that newborn baby smell! Isn't it just the most yummy smell ever!!??
I have been doing surprisingly extra well with my weight gain this pregnancy. I hit 20 pounds and have been there for a while now. I haven't really been walking for months now because I would rather do other things. I feel like I get enough of a work out in running around constantly doing things anyways. Plus having 2 little girls that are busy helps keep me on my feet!
So another thing that makes me think this little girl is coming soon is I have actually lost 2 pounds. I lost a pound before I had Lily but I didn't think much of it since I was a COW lol. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and was 2 pounds less then I was the day before. Hmmm. I know that sometimes thats normal but it weirded me out.
So we will see when this little princess decides to make her arrival! I have a feeling it will be soon since Lily was 5 days early and Lydia was 11 days early but then part of me think oh my goodness what if she decides to hang out a while longer! I think I would be SO anxious! My next dr's appt is on the 10th so we will see how I have progressed.


  1. Exciting! 20 pounds, that's amazing! Good job!! Well, the longer she stays in there the more her fat she'll gain, so that's good. But the more uncomfortable you'll be!! I think January 14th is a good day to have a baby. It's a Friday. I'm placing my bet on that day!

  2. Thank you! I know! I am trying not to get impatient! My mom actually flys in on the 14th! Lily was born on a Friday too! So we will see when she decides to come. I just hope a little early! I think I am anxious to b/c I had both the girls a little early. Lets just hope I don't get to anxious or uncomfortable!