Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liv MerrieAnn Ledbetter

She is finally here!! Liv MerrieAnn Ledbetter 7lbs 5oz and 19 inches long! I cannot believe that 9 days ago I gave birth to my perfect little Liv!
Here is her birth story!
On Monday January 10th I had my 38 week appointment. I was 38 weeks and 4 days. I was checked and was 3-4cm and 65-75% effaced. I asked if she would stripped my membranes and she did. When I had my membranes stripped with Lydia I actually went into the hospital that night so I was hoping that this would do the same. I had been having contractions but nothing super consistent. I went on with my day and hoped that I would magically go into labor that night but that didn't happen. The next day I walked to Starbucks while Lily rode her bike to hopefully help move things along and then we hung out with some ladies. We actually said a prayer before leaving Starbucks that I would go into labor. Well later that day I started to get some more random contractions. I went home and then I proceeded to clean my house for the billionth time. I woke up at 1am from a contraction then fell back asleep and woke up again between 4-5 with more consistent contractions so I started to time them. They were 10 min apart then slowly started to get closer. As the morning went on they finally got about 5 minutes apart so I decided to take a shower and get ready for the day and then if they stayed 5 minutes apart I would go in. Well they sure stayed 5 min apart so we went and picked Lily up from school and went to my friend Kristina's house with the girls so she could watch them. We took them inside to feed them lunch and hang out for a little bit. Once they were distracted and playing we snuck away to the hospital. It was around 2pm when we left.
Once we got to the hospital (which by the way is a 30 min drive) we waited in the waiting room(kind of weird since I had never had to wait at either of the hospitals I had the girls at) then after 20 min they took us back to get checked out and hooked up to the monitor. I was still 3-4cm but now 90% effaced and was having contractions 5 min apart. The doctor came in and said well I have good news and bad news. Good news is you are in labor but since you were 3-4cm on monday and thats what you still are today your not really progressing. After me trying to make points as to why I should stay he said he would go talk to his boss and see if there was a way to keep me. He came back in and said they only had one bed back in labor and delivery and blah blah blah. BOO I was SO irritated that I wasn't going to be getting admitted. He told me to go home and when they get 2-3min apart and pretty much unbearable to come back in. I am thinking the dude is crazy because HELLO this is my 3rd baby and I was only in labor for 7 hours with Lydia. PLUS the hospital is 30 min away. Well after all that I went to the bathroom and of course cried because I was so irritated and we proceeded to walk to the car. We hiked up the hill since the parking is terrible and there is never any parking spots close and on the way up the hill I had to bend over and whine to Tyler that these hurt! It was like instantly after leaving the hospital and headed up the hill the contractions got worse. Once we got into the car they got even more intense and the whole way home I was getting them closer and closer. I told Tyler (who by the way was being so amazing this whole time and not freaking out at all) that we would probably get back and have to turn right back around to come back to the hospital. Once we got back to Kristina's house we timed them and they were 2 min apart! I was on my hands and knees on her couch breathing and not being able to talk through contractions. After 20 minutes I said screw this were going back! We left again about 5pm. The whole drive there was a blur. I am pretty sure Tyler was totally speeding and trying to get there fast. Once we got back to the hospital we waited in the waiting room for a few minutes and then got taken back. The same doctor that checked me out came and checked me out again and I was 5cm! He said ok your getting admitted. I told the nurse I wanted an epidural like yesterday! Once we got back to my room it was about 6pm and the contractions were getting even more intense. I am talking I never felt this kind of pain in my life. Not even with the other girls. They started my IV and got my bag of fluid going so I could get my epidural. At this point I was in ever more pain! I had to lay on my side and with one hand hold onto the bed and the other hand had to squeeze Tyler's hand. I was breathing so hard and trying to get through the pain. Tyler was cheering me on telling me I was doing great and to keep on breathing. He was telling me how my bag of fluid was almost gone and that the anesthesiologist was coming soon. He was so awesome about holding my hand and just totally being there for me for whatever I needed. Once the anesthesiologist came in I said YAY my best friend is here! Well I of course was having painful painful contractions as he is giving me my epidural but I knew that I would be feeling better soon! He was so nice and did an awesome and fast job! After giving me the initial shot to get the medicine going he went to go grab the pump for it. After I laid on my back I started to feel a little tingly but was still having to breath through the contractions and then started to have the urge to push! I said UHHHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. The nurse Penny(who I loved) said lets check you. I said yeah I was just going to say I think you should check me because I feel pressure. She checked me and I was 9cm. Then my next contraction I told her she should check me again because I felt like she was coming out. So she checked me and I was a 10! Tyler looked at her and said can we do this!? Like me and You!? Penny said Yeah! But she made a call and it felt like within a min everyone came into the room to get everything ready. They got all set up and said when I got my next contraction and wanted to push to go ahead. I grabbed my legs and went for it which by the way I was a little nervous to do since my epidural had been in for about 10 minutes and wasn't fully working. I was totally numbed up with the other girls so this was a whole new experience. Tyler grabbed one of my legs and the nurse had the other and I pushed! Tyler was so great with holding my leg and being a great cheerleader. When he saw her head starting to come out I remember him saying she doesn't have light hair!! Once her head was out the doctor was kind of pulling on her head like they do when they are coming out and Tyler was like what are you doing!? He thought he was hurting her. It was pretty funny lol. I pushed a couple more times and then she was out!! A total of 2 minutes of pushing and she was out! They put her right on my chest and it was amazing! It was so great to have my sweet beautiful baby on my chest and my husband right beside me. She looked so dang cute from the second she came out! Tyler and I both thought that she looked like Lily at first. Especially with her little butt chin! That was one of the first things I noticed! The more we looked at her the more we started to see both of the girls in her. I had Liv at 7:28pm! Can you believe how fast all that was!? Because I sure couldn't believe how fast everything went. I didn't even get a chance to talk to my mom or sister. Tyler had to do the text messaging and calling for me when I was in labor. A total of an hour and a half after getting admitted and Liv was here! Right after I had her one of the nursed came in and said oh we just got your paper work put in. Your finally admitted into the hospital!
After I had her and she was getting checked out under the warmer it was so nice to look over and have my husband by her side! I was of course stuck in the bed because after I had her my epidural was finally fully working. Great how that worked out huh!? Once they weighed her I was so anxious to hear how much she weighed! I was surprised to hear that she was 7lbs 5oz and 19 inches long! My biggest baby! I figured she would be in the middle of her sisters. Lily was 7lbs 2oz and 18 1/2 inches long and Lydia was 6lbs 13oz and 18 and a quarter inches long. I was very proud of myself for only gaining 20 pounds this pregnancy! I am still not to sure how I only gained that much since most of you know I love my food! I actually lost 2 pounds the last couple weeks and it stayed off for whatever reason. I was also very proud that Liv was my biggest baby!
It was seriously so painful but so amazing and totally worth every ounce of pain I felt! I cannot say enough times how thankful and amazing it was to have my husband with me. After having 2 babies on my own while my husband was deployed it was amazing to have him right there with me through the whole pregnancy and birth! Tyler did such a great job and was so there for me! I asked him if I freaked him out and he said no you were a champ and that he was totally pumped! I was excited but nervous for him to be there with me through everything because he wasn't before and I didn't know what to expect but it was the best! Just plain amazing! I am so thankful that the 3rd time was a charm! I am so blessed to have my husband here to experience all the things he missed with the big girls! I am SO in love with my husband and my 3 beautiful girls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!


  1. That is an amazing birth story Lindsey! I totally teared up. With Ayla, my epi didn't work, and that was such a crazy pain sensation! She is a beautiful little Ledbetter! :) (Still working on her letter.)

  2. You are a ROCKSTAR! I'm so happy for you and Tyler to have this experience together! Welcome, Liv!