Monday, January 24, 2011

Our family of 5!

While my mom was here we got a picture of our new family of 5! I know we need some more pictures of all of us but this was all we could get for now! I am just glad that the girls are smiling for the camera!
I cannot explain how so in love with my husband and baby girls I am! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! They are amazing and I am so happy to have our sweet little Liv here with us! I told Tyler that I love him even more now! It was such an amazing experience having him with me when I had Liv and I will be forever thankful that he was there with me!
It seems like you wait and wait and wait for your baby to get here and when they are here they grow WAY to fast!
I know it sounds silly but it makes me a little sad that Liv is almost 2 weeks old! I know it may sound crazy to some people to say it now but I would love another baby some day. Who knows when but I feel like if I am emotional about Liv almost being 2 weeks old I will have major baby fever again someday. I have been snuggling Liv up lots and am going to take in all the newborn snuggle time I can get.
I love my babies so much! I know there will crazy days with having 3 little ones but there will be just as many amazingly happy days! I am so happy to have 3 little girls! They are the best!
So far having 3 kids has been going great! Liv's big sisters have been doing great adjusting to her being here and I am so happy about that!
Lydia LOVES to touch her and give her sweet kisses and Lily likes to say how cute she is and doesn't seem to be bothered by her at all. So far so good!


  1. I love your positive attitude! And I love that you hold your baby a lot, because HELLO that's why we have babies... to hold and love them!! my mom and dad always say if you have 3 you might as well have 4, because you're already outnumbered and have a mini van! haha, well you don't have a mini van yet...

  2. Great Family Photo! Glad to hear things are running smoothly with 3 little ones. You do a great job Lindsey!