Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pre Deployment leave

First things first! How could you not love this happy face! She is so happy just like her big sissies and this is how I can show what a good baby she is and how she was back home! I am so glad that everyone got to meet her!

We were home in Washington for 2 weeks for Tyler's predeployment leave. Yes he is headed back to Afghanistan again and lets just say I am not excited for it! I knew it was coming but it seems to be coming very quickly!
While we were home we were very busy! My dad actually flew out to see us which was awesome and we got lots of great family time with both of our family's. The girls got to go to the park with papa, and get dirty in Omi's back yard! All in all it was a great trip but I have to say I really missed the nice weather here in Hawaii! It rained everyday we were in WA!

The girls and I went to the Children's museum with my good ol dad! We had fun!
I was so glad that I was back home for another one of my bff's birthdays! I loved spending time with her and her awesome family who I have known for 14 years!! Can you believe we have known each other for 14 years! Look at us now! Married with babies! Roxanne is pregnant with her 2nd sweet little bundle of cuteness! She will not be finding out what she is having and I call her crazy but I still LOVE her! Oh and her little guy Ferris is the cutest! Just wanted to throw that out there! Just look and see for yourself!

Lily with a cool horse on NW 23rd in Portland!

My sweet Lydia in Omi's backyard! The girls loved wearing rain boots and digging in the dirt!