Saturday, May 28, 2011


Lydia was ver concerned about a gecko that Lily and her saw outside and would not stop saying gecko in a worried tone of voice.
I Love the end when Lydia tries to say what Lily does with a mouth full of food! That girl loves her food thats for sure!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Liv is seriously such a happy baby! When I say that I really mean it! This baby smiles ALL the time. I love it and her so much! I can't believe how big she is getting! 4 months has gone by so fast! Makes me a little sad how fast all these girls are growing but makes me look forward to the months to come to watch her grow and watch the months go down until Tyler is home!
Liv is such a smiley, giggley, sweet baby! She hardly makes a peep unless she is hungry!
Every time I set her down on the ground she rolls over. Sometimes she will hang out and then she will push her little butt up in the air and try to go somewhere. I am wondering if she is going to be an early crawler like Lily was. She is probably going to want to be right in the mix with her big sissies! We will see though! She is perfect and I am one lucky momma to have such happy girls! Sure we all have our crazy days! But I think anyone has those! These girls are the most amazing girls I could of ever dreamed of! Everyone always says I must have my hands full but I remember what my friend Meredith told me. She said she read in a blog of another mom that when people would say you must have you hands full she said (along these lines. I can't remember exactly what she said) You should see how full my heart is. I really think that! My heart is full of so much love for those sweet girls and their daddy! I have 3 girls and I absolutely LOVE it!

Look at these pictures! How cute are they!? I don't know how anyone could look at these and not smile!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skype session!

Simply one of the best things invented! We have been lucky enough to have been able to skype with Tyler twice!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Daddy bouquet of pinwheels!

This is our Daddy bouquet of pinwheels! I got this idea from a couple girls I know that did a daddy/flag garden. They have American Flags in their yard and each week that daddy is gone you take one out. Just a fun thing for the kids to do to help the time go by. Well I was wondering what I could do besides that and I thought what about pin wheels! I saw these tiny ones at Pier1 and thought of this idea and I LOVE it! I made it after Tyler had already left so the girls got to take out 3 today since it is 3 weeks down! I have to watch the girls because now they both like to blow on them to make them spin. I need to be careful they don't take out more then they need to. Either way I think it's a cute idea and I will be looking forward to watching the bouquet of pinwheels get smaller and smaller.

Countdowns and getting flat rate packages ready have become part of our weekly routine!

Daddy Dolls and Daddy Blankets

The two big girls have daddy dolls from before but Liv needed one too! We ordered her the smaller daddy doll and we LOVE it! They have the cutest prints for the back now and it is perfect size for her! We love our daddy dolls!
Also there is this amazing organization out here that is called Operation Kid Comfort. They make quilts and pillow cases for children who's parents are deployed. We filled out the form and emailed our pictures in but was never sure if I did it right. About a week after Tyler left I got a call from a women saying our quilts were ready and she was going to be near the Marine Corps Base. She actually ended up bringing them to our house. The women was so sweet and it was so nice that I actually got to meet one of the ladies that does this. The blankets turned out so cute and the girls love them! I think this is such an amazing thing these people do for the Military families. They do this out of the kindness of their hearts and for free. It is so amazing what people do and we are so thankful for our daddy blankets! We love our Daddy and miss him tons but this makes it a little bit easier and we are so thankful for that!

Deployment #4

It has been 3 weeks since Tyler left for Afghanistan! YAY for 3 weeks down!
I have not blogged in forever and I just wasn't feeling the whole blog about Tyler leaving right after he left so here goes it.
Tyler left on April 29th for Afghanistan. This will be his 4th deployment in 5 years and his second time to Afghanistan. We were lucky enough to have Tyler home for 17 months before he deployed back to Afghanistan. This was the longest he has ever been home in between deployments. It beats 9 and 11 months in between deployments thats for sure! I feel really blessed that he was able to be home that long. Lots of good quality time together! We were of course so thankful he was here for little Liv's birth and for the months of her life that he missed with the bigger girls. We can now say that Tyler has experienced the newborn stage!
We were both not looking forward to him being away from us but at the same time ready for him to go so we could start the countdown. It's a weird feeling. I am sure some of you ladies know exactly what I am talking about though.
It was a sad day when Tyler left especially when Lily got upset after Tyler got on the bus. She was crying, saying she wanted her daddy. Totally pulls on your heart strings. Lily has her moments when she wants her daddy and I just have to remind her that he wants her too and that he loves and misses us very much. Lydia has been doing good. She is still little enough that she doesn't exactly get whats going on like Lily did but every once in a while she will cry and say "I YANT MY DADA!" It is mostly when I am putting her down for a nap or bed. The girls have been adjusting good which I am glad about! We all miss daddy like crazy but we are strong girls that are right here waiting for his safe return!
Here are a few pictures of deployment day #4. A big thank you to everyone who came to see Tyler off and a big thank you to Kristina for taking pictures for us!! Even though it was a sad day we wanted to capture these special moments and I really think she did that!
YAY for 3 weeks down and I can only hope that all the other weeks fly by too!