Friday, May 20, 2011

Daddy bouquet of pinwheels!

This is our Daddy bouquet of pinwheels! I got this idea from a couple girls I know that did a daddy/flag garden. They have American Flags in their yard and each week that daddy is gone you take one out. Just a fun thing for the kids to do to help the time go by. Well I was wondering what I could do besides that and I thought what about pin wheels! I saw these tiny ones at Pier1 and thought of this idea and I LOVE it! I made it after Tyler had already left so the girls got to take out 3 today since it is 3 weeks down! I have to watch the girls because now they both like to blow on them to make them spin. I need to be careful they don't take out more then they need to. Either way I think it's a cute idea and I will be looking forward to watching the bouquet of pinwheels get smaller and smaller.

Countdowns and getting flat rate packages ready have become part of our weekly routine!


  1. I absolutly love this idea and it is super cute. I really liked the stickers with the calendars you did with lily too. Great job!

  2. Thank you! We are still doing the stickers on the calendar with Lily and she loves that. I just wanted to do something else new and where we could watch the number of pinwheels get smaller and smaller.