Monday, May 23, 2011


Liv is seriously such a happy baby! When I say that I really mean it! This baby smiles ALL the time. I love it and her so much! I can't believe how big she is getting! 4 months has gone by so fast! Makes me a little sad how fast all these girls are growing but makes me look forward to the months to come to watch her grow and watch the months go down until Tyler is home!
Liv is such a smiley, giggley, sweet baby! She hardly makes a peep unless she is hungry!
Every time I set her down on the ground she rolls over. Sometimes she will hang out and then she will push her little butt up in the air and try to go somewhere. I am wondering if she is going to be an early crawler like Lily was. She is probably going to want to be right in the mix with her big sissies! We will see though! She is perfect and I am one lucky momma to have such happy girls! Sure we all have our crazy days! But I think anyone has those! These girls are the most amazing girls I could of ever dreamed of! Everyone always says I must have my hands full but I remember what my friend Meredith told me. She said she read in a blog of another mom that when people would say you must have you hands full she said (along these lines. I can't remember exactly what she said) You should see how full my heart is. I really think that! My heart is full of so much love for those sweet girls and their daddy! I have 3 girls and I absolutely LOVE it!

Look at these pictures! How cute are they!? I don't know how anyone could look at these and not smile!

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  1. Love the pic with the 3 girls! They are just too cute :)