Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lydia turns 2!

I seriously cannot believe that Lydia is 2! Where has the time gone! I remember the day she was born! So perfect and sleepy! She was such a tiny peanut! She was the perfect addition to our little family and such a blessing! She graced Lily and I with her presence when Tyler was in Afghanistan last deployment and she helped the time go by so fast for us! Just like before, she is totally helping the time go by fast for us! I think she is one of the best deployment buddies! That girl is always giving me laughs!
Lydia has a great personality! Lydia is so dang sweet but has a sassy side! She likes to copy, do, and play with whatever Lily is playing with! She loves her baby sissy Liv and I could not imagine our lives without her cuteness!
She has grown so much in these 2 years!
She had the best wake up call a little girl could of hope for! Tyler called at the perfect time. Right as I was walking in her room so he could wake her up her little eyes opened and Tyler was the first person to say Happy Birthday!! He even sang her happy birthday. I was so glad and happy that on her special day Tyler got to be a part of it!
We had a Monkey party for Lydia and I think it turned out pretty great! She had a blast! Thank you so much to everyone for being a part of her special day!

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